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RPS // Idina/Kristin // Fic // Friends Are Friends Until They Have Sex 2/2

Title: Friends Are Friends Until They Have Sex (or 'So Many Things Going Through My Mind') 2/2
Pairing: Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth
Rating: NC-17.
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: If this happened, my life would be complete, if it didn't, then life shall continue as normal. In other words, it's fiction kids. It's all in my mind from here
Summary: Kristin and Idina make their way home after the post Tony party the Wicked cast had at BB Kings, well... make it back to Idina's home, at any rate.
Warnings: Lesbian Sex. Oodles and Poodles of it. Graphic-like.
Dedications: To friendhamster because I hate Gypsy and evol aim for taking you from me *pout*, to blahzay for, again, the late night chats ^_- , to galindafication for being my icon beta, take out the watermarkBUTDONTTOUCHTHENIPPLE.
Note: The new Strawberries icon is free for you all to use, however, if i see you not crediting, you'll recieve a sound lashing. And not the good kind. (See Ch. 18 for said icon. The icon on this post is for use by galindafication and me ONLY) So so so so sorry this has taken me absolutely forever to write, but doesnt a chapter of this AND a chapter of strawberries just seem so... ozmopolitain?

Idina was the star of the party.  She glittered and shined and everyone wanted to see her.  When Norbert saw her he gave her a big hug that hoisted her high in the air and she laughed so beautifully.  I never really noticed before today the little things... her laugh, the way her eyes sparkle when she's truly happy. I sighed, walking over to her, a big smile on my face. She beamed and threw her arms around me.  I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly, my head resting just abover her breasts. The embrace lingered a little longer than it should have, I suppose, as Norbert was raising his eyebrow at us and shaking his head.  I still had my arms tightly around her waist when Joel appeared with three flutes of champagne, handing one to me and one to Idina. He let out a loud whistle, causing silence to fall over the entire room.  He stood on a chair so everyone could see him as he raised his own glass, "To Idina and Kristin... the shining stars without whom I'm sure we'd all be at home in our pajama's tonight wishing we were here. To our girls. We love you!"

The room rang out with cries of 'cheers!' and 'amen!' and Idina and I laughed to ourselves, clinking glasses and hooking our arms, bringing our glasses to our lips, our eyes connected.  And that was just the beginning of the alcohol for the night. I pride myself on being able to hold my alcohol quite well despite my size and even I was a bit drunk by the end of the night. I sprawled out on one of the couches, half in Idina's lap, my head resting against the arm of the couch.  I took a slow sip of my sex on the beach and gazed up at Idina. "You're so beautiful, Dee."

"Yes, and you're drunk Kristin," Idina said softly, smoothing my hair down gently.

"No, I'm not. I'm just tipsy."

"Well at any rate, I cant let you try and find your way home like that alone. Come back uptown with me and we'll nurse hangovers together in the morning." Her hand gently ran down my jaw, her thumb caressing my cheek everso gently. I closed my eyes and nodded, leaning into the touch. Idina smiled, a devilish glint in her eyes, "I dont suppose you're drunk enough to want to finish what we started earlier..."

I grinned, "I thought you'd never ask."  I struggled to stand up, realizing how drunk I really was. Idina stood and I looped my arm around her waist for extra support. We walked around and said our goodbyes to everyone who was left, both of us raising our eyebrows when we discovered a drunk, sleeping tangle of Michellebert (that would be Michelle and Norbert, who seems to have forgotten he's married) nuzzled in a booth in the back. We made our way out giggling and kissing covertly, stumbling to Idina's black car that was waiting for her.  We slid into the back of the car and Idina's mouth closed over mine, kissing me deeply, one of her hands grasping and groping its way up my thigh as I kissed her back with a fervor I'd never felt before.  I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or sexual repression, but I couldn't wait to get back to Idina's apartment to see what she had in store for me.  Her hand slowly worked up my thigh, under the ruffles and almost sheer red and pink fabric, running a sneaky finger along the hem of my light pink panties, causing me to moan softly into her mouth and wriggle with anticipation.  Fucking tease! The car stopped and the driver cleared his throat, raising an eyebrow in the mirror.

Idina grinned, cheeks pink and leaned forward, kissing his cheek. "Take tomorrow... or look! Today off.  Swing by tomorrow morning for Miss Chenoweth. And give your wife my best. And keep this between us and you'll get a great Christmukkah bonus."

The driver nodded and got out of the car, opening the door. I climbed out and Idina followed, her hands on my hips.  The driver tipped his hat, "Keep... what between us, Ms Menzel?"

"You're good, Chaz. Have a good day."  Idina led me to the door of her apartment, the cars whizzing past us on the busy avenue behind.  The sky was already lightening as dawn approached and Idina finally jiggled the key justso that her door opened and she led me up to the cozy flat she shared with Taye.

Hmm... Taye... "Where is your husband, Dee?"

"Taye? He had to head out to LA on a red eye to do some last minue script readings for his show. Poor me, I'm all alone for a week. Whatever will I do?" She smirked, unzipping the back of my dress.

I stepped out slowly, walking backwards towards Idina's bedroom, the beautiful, custom-made red dress laying in a haphazard pool on the floor, "Whatever... or whomever?" I giggled, kicking off my red heels and turning to saunter into the bedroom. Idina smirked, sliping the shoulder straps of her dress down, letting the lavender dress slide down her lithe body, pooling beside the red mass on the floor as she stumbled after me.  We collapsed together on the large, lush bed in a fit of giggles and a tangle of limbs. Only when our lips met did our laughing subside. Idina carefully eased the strapless bra off of me, taking time to run her hands gently over both of my breasts then lean down to place a gentle kiss on them, taking both nipples into her mouth one at a time with a light suck and gentle bite. I tangled my fingers in her hair, moaning lightly as her tongue darted out, coiling around my left nipple while her fingers played over the right, pinching and pulling. She pulled back, grinning mischievously, reaching down to tug my panties off but I reached down, grabbing her hands. I shook my head, clicking my tongue, "I don't think so. My turn."

With one hand, I unhooked her bra and with the other I pushed her lavender thong down, discarding both on the floor.  I straddled her hips, leaning down to kiss her gently, our breasts pressing together in a sweet crush. I sucked on her bottom lip, nibbling gently as she moaned my name softly. I pulled back, staring into her eyes seriously, still a bit tipsy, "Idina... this is the first time I've ever... done anything like this..."

"And I promise you, it won't ever be the last," she whispered, her voice low and sultry as she pulled me close again, kissing me deeply.  Her tongue touched against my lips gently, begging entrance.  When I parted my lips, our tongues danced together slowly, moving against, along, and around one another intimately.  She sucked gently on my tongue for a moment, her hands running down my back to the elastic around my hips, slowly tugging at the offensive cotton until I finally relented and let her tug it off.  She laid me back against the pillows and looked up at me, her green eyes sparkling, "Today is for you... yesterday was already for me." And with that, Idina kissed slowly down my neck, stopping to suck and nibble until the skin darkened.  Her lips and tongue worked diligently over my collar bone, dipping into the caverns made with each gasp, moan, and deep breath.  Again, she kissed over my breasts, stopping to suck first on my right then my left nipple, giving each a tender bite, licking eagerly as they hardened at her touch. Kiss after kiss, she slowly worked her way down my abdomen, stopping to kiss my belly button oh so tenderly before resuming her pilgrimage down my body.  She kissed over my hips down to my thighs, working slowly from outside to in.  She looked up at me and smiled, her eyes asking permission.

I lowered my hands to her head, tangling my slender fingers in her thick raven curls, nodding, "Please, Idina... don't you dare stop."  And she didnt.  She kissed up the insides of my thighs, running her tongue slowly along the folds of my pussy, swirling around my swollen clit.  She took the swollen flesh between her teeth, tugging gently.  I gasped, tangling my fingers deeper into her wild tangle of curls as she flicked her tongue relentlessly over my clit, two of her fingers slowly sliding into me, twisting slightly as one finger bent, touching every nerve within me. I gasped, clenching down on her fingers as another wave of passion broke over me. "Oh god, Idina, don't stop, no... god yes!"

Idina stared up at me, her eyes never leaving mine as she dropped a bit, her tongue licking my juices that had gathered around her fingers. She moaned softly at my taste, her tongue slowly working in with the two fingers, adding a third layer of sensation as her fingers moved in, out, around, and side to side.  The red satin sheets were balled in my fists and my head rolled back as I moaned and gasped. Idina pulled back, her fingers still working, a third now slipped in, "Fuck, Kristin.. you taste," she stopped for another lick, "fucking delicious... God..."  She pulled back completely, her fingers leaving me aching for more as they slipped into her mouth and she proceeded to lick them clean.  She reached over with her clean hand to the top drawer of the bedside table.  When she pulled her hand out, she had a long purple vibrator in her hand made of smooth, velvety rubber with little moving beads inside of it. I stared at it wide eyed and she smirked. "A bachelorette gift from my sister Cara... If she only knew..." With that, Idina slid it into me slowly, letting my body adjust to the new, thick intrusion. She slid up my body, placing gentle kisses up my neck and over my jaw before descending on my mouth as she flicked the switch and brought the vibrator to life. I gasped into her mouth, momentarily forgetting how to breathe as she inched it slowly in and out of me. I ran a hand down her body, tweaking a nipple quickly as I passed over it. I traced a fast but lazy pattern down her side and over her leg, letting my fingers skate over her smooth lips, before allowing two fingers to plunge deep inside of her, twisting them as she had twisted hers inside of me.  She gasped, her eyes widening. "Fuck! Kristin..." She whimpered, moving the vibrator faster in and out of me.

I moved my fingers faster and faster as her pace quickened before suddenly I cried out her name and lost myself in the mind and body wracking orgasm that she brought on.  She kissed my mouth slowly as I came down from the bliss and I opened my eyes. "Holy... fuck Idina... Holy fuck. That was. That was. Amazing. Times ten."

Idina smiled, rubbing a thumb over my nipple gently, "I'm glad you enjoyed it... You deserved it, baby." She kissed me again softly and smiled widely. "Just so you know... Taye's totally cool with this, it was his idea. So... I hope we can continue this."

I closed my eyes, "Mmm... okay..." I sighed happily, snuggling closer to her.  She wrapped her arms around my slim waist and kissed me on the head, murmuring a goodnight into my hair.
Tags: idina/kristin, rps, slash, smut, title: friends are friends

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