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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 19/?

Title: Strawberries 19/?
Pairing: Elphaba/Galinda, Elphaba/Fiyero
Rating: R
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Warnings: Girlsex, implied hetsex, murder, intrigue, all that good stuff they put in R-rated movies, only ozificated ^_^
Dedications: To everyone who puts up with my shit, my apologies for not being on the last couple of days, my brother screwed up the internet real bad. To friendhamster, my puffball. To deeperinlove for getting an A++ in sharing in Kindergarten. To anthony, as soon as my net gets cleared up, we shall continue our everlasting swap meet. To galindafication for the loverly Tonyfic posted the other day. To avathebrat for getting those pictures from her parents house. To i_kick_puppies for liking the sex, even if you don't get the plot.

I was curled up on my bed with Fiyero months later when I recieved my new assignment for the movement. Up until that day, I had only been arranging protests, breaking Animals out of the slums the Wizard put them in and causing diversions to keep the Gale Force away.  Fiyero was running his fingers slowly through my hair and my head was resting against his jewelled chest when the knock sounded at my door.  I pulled the light blue and yellow housecoat tightly around myself, pulling the curtain across the bed so whoever it was wouldn't see Fiyero.  He tried to tug me back to bed but I pulled away, shaking my head.  I opened the door to reveal a Cougar, standing tall on his hind legs with an envelope in his mouth. I took the envelope gently and he walked in slowly. "You've redecorated, Fae..." He purred softly.

I opened the envelope, one hand twirling a long black curl of my hair absently around. I stopped reading abruptly and looked up at him, "This can't be right, Ferral. This isn't my area." This couldn't be right... no, it couldn't be right at all.

"Fae, it has your name on it. The high ups wouldn't give such a delicate job to the wrong person. You know the code. You do the job or you become the job. The high ups know that you have a plausible reason for doing these duties should you ever be arrested for them and you wouldn't be tied back to the movement." He paused, sniffing lightly, "My, Miss Fae... did I interrupt something?" He padded over towards the curtained area, sniffing again.

"Ferral, go away. You've given me my orders, your mission is complete, now go."

"Touchy, touchy. The duty is to be carried out in one week or there will be a price on your head. Ta." And with a swish of his tail, Ferral sauntered out of the apartment. I closed and locked the door behind him. I leaned against the door and shook my head, trying to grasp the words written on the paper in my hands.

Fiyero pulled back the curtain, sitting up so the sheets settled just about his hips. "Elphaba... what is it..?"

I looked up, folding the paper. "Nothing. Just my uh.. my new orders. You know how it is, Yero, I can't tell you."

"I know, Fae... I just... You look spooked... or upset... or something. I just-- Glinda and I don't like seeing you like that." Fiyero stood, walking over to me. He reached out a gentle hand and cupped my jaw with it, cradling my head gently.

I leaned into the touch for a moment before pulling away, "You should get out of her Yero. Go to Kiamo Ko or whatever that castle was you told us about. Go there and stay there."

"Elphaba, what is this, why are you pushing me away?"

"Some serious shit is about to go down, Yero, and I don't want you here when that happens. I don't want you in danger." I looked down at the folded paper in my hands, tears blurring my vision. "Shit..." I murmured, pressing my hands against the burning tears.

Strong arms pulled me close and rocked me back and forth. I turned in the embrace and leaned my head against his chest, sobbing softly.  "Don't do it, Elphaba... If it's troubling you so, don't do it! Just tell them you're out and that's it."

I looked up, the tears running down my cheeks leaving a stream of bright burns in their path. "You heard Ferral, Fiyero.  I have no choice, I have no fucking choice. I do the job or I become the job."

"So come with me to Kiamo Ko... the sentries will protect you, the Gale Forcers won't touch you under my protective orders. I'll even get Glinda, we can run away together... Please, Fae, don't just give in like this. Come on, come back to bed with me and then--" Fiyero was cut off by a knock on the door.

"Ephie?" The high voice coming through the door was unmistakable, my darling Glinda. Fiyero pulled back and walked back to the bed, getting under the covers as I opened the door, letting the petite blonde in.  She ran a manicured hand through her hair, brushing the light pattern of snow flakes off her light hair, giving it a gentle toss. She smiled then stopped, her smile dropping into a worried expression, "Oh Elphie! Oh baby, you've been crying..." She closed the door behind her, taking off her fluffy jacket and gloves, tossing them on a chair. She wrapped her arms tightly around my waist. "What's wrong, kitten?"

I sniffled, kissing her head gently. "It's nothing, Glin... Just... having a rough day." I smoothed my hands over her hair and leaned down, kissing her mouth gently, lips trembling a bit.

Fiyero emerged from behind the curtain,  his pants slung loosely around his waist. "Bad day at work for Elphaba... Hello, Glinda."

Glinda looked up, surprised, "Oh... hello, Fiyero... What do you mean, bad day at work? Is this about that rebellion, Elphie? I worry about you doing that, the Gale force has been cracking down on people causing trouble and supporting Animals... I... that is we... Fiyero and I... we don't want to lose you."

"And I don't want to lose you two either... Which is why you two need to get away from me. You two aren't safe as long as you're with me. You need to just... get away from me." I pulled away from Glinda, running a hand through my hair.

"No. We won't leave you, Elphie."

"I just need to be alone right now, you two. Just... Go," I mumbled coldly.

Glinda winced and Fiyero sighed, pulling his shirt on. "Fine. But we're not leaving you. If you want some time alone, fine. Have it but we'll be back for you. We love you and we'll protect you." They both came over and kissed me gently and left quietly. 

I settled quietly on my bed, opening the paper again and read: Operative Fae, Your assignment is to assassinate three major players for the Wizard.  Firstly, a one Madame Morrible, press secretary and puppeteer of his Wizardship. Secondly, Sir Chuffrey Chambers, High Lord of the Emerald City and heir to the Wizardship should anything happen to the Wizard. Lastly, Lady Glinda Upland-Chambers, wife of Sir Chuffrey Chambers, Adept to the Wizard and third heiress to the Wizard. You have one week to complete this mission or your name, location, and contacts will be released to the Gale Force. I crumpled the paper in my hand throwing it angrily at the wall. "Fuck. I can't do this! No. I can do this. Just not... no. I can't kill her... not my Glinda." I picked up the photogramajig that Fiyero took of Glinda and I a few weeks earlier.  Even through the black and white, I could see the sparkle in Glinda's bluegreen eyes, her ruby lips pressed against my cheek, the blush across my face and the rare happiness in my eyes. I sighed with resignation and set the image down, taking the robe off. I slipped on a form fitting black dress, tugging the hat Glinda gave me years ago on... for good luck. I grasped the handle of my broom firmly, taking it to the roof and mounting it, taking off into the sunset, flying dutifully towards Shiz for one last time. As I was flying, memories of Madame Morrible yelling at Glinda, controlling me, tricking us into aiding the wizard... trying to use Nessarose... No, I wouldn't take it. She would have to die. So would Sir Chuffrey... but how could I save Glinda's life and my own? 

I landed smoothly on the roof of Crage Hall and entered through the door on the roof, holding my broom in one hand, my knife in the other.  I swiftly entered Madame's chambers.  When I saw her I softened a bit. She'd grown old over the years... almost six and a half years now. Her skin riddled with even more wrinkles than she had before I'd left. "Madame Morrible," I said coldly, "it's time to go to sleep. The long sleep."

Her eyes opened, cold coal black staring up at me. "Why, Miss Elphaba. I wondered when you'd come crawling back to me."

"Oh no, Morrible. I'm not crawling anywhere." I lifted the knife, moonlight glinting off of it, "I'm here on business." I pressed the blade against her throat, looking down at her. "This is for Galinda, for me, and for the Animals." I pulled the knife across swiftly and watched the cold light leave her eyes. I wiped the knife on her dress and slipped it back into its sheath. I opened the picture window and mounting my broom, flew off towards Sir Chuffrey and my darling Glinda.

When I landed on their balcony, it was well after sunset and the sky was dark. I opened the window and crept into their bed room, moving over to Glinda's side of the bed, nudging her gently.  She sat up, a bit confused and disoriented. "Elphie? Baby?" I placed a finger over her lips and kneeled beside her.

I ran a gentle thumb over her lips and cheek and sighed. "Glinda... I love you... and... you know I have a duty... to fulfill... and if I don't do it, I will lose my life," I whispered. Glinda nodded, her slightly mussed blonde curls bobbing slightly. "Well... Glinda... my new assignment is three assassinations. Madame Morrible," I sighed, "Sir Chuffrey... and you. But I can only bring myself to... to complete 2/3 of my mission."

Glinda stared up at me with fear in her eyes, "Elphie, no... you can't... just kill people!"

Chuffrey stirred and grunted in his sleep, the time was drawing near.  I smoothed Glinda's curls down and kissed her mouth deeply. When the kiss broke I looked into her eyes. "I've already taken care of the first, and in a few moments, I'll do the second. After I leave, I want you to go to the Gale Forcers and tell them you were in the bathroom when it happened and I didn't know you were there. Give them an accurate, Glinda listen to me," I chastized when her eyes began to glass over," an accurate description of me. Tell them that you saw me flying to the south west and that's all you know.  Give me enough time to pack my things and tell Fiyero I'm going to Kiamo Ko. Fiyero can't go to my apartment or he'll be arrested. Okay? Glinda. I love you, and I can't risk you. You're my life." I shivered as a wave of nausea swept over me, somethign that had been a regular occurance recently. I shook it off and looked into her eyes. "Can you do this for me, baby?"

Glinda nodded, tears running down her cheeks, "I'll find you again... I promise. Fiyero will find you too." I kissed her lips again gently, running my hands over her sides slowly, up and down.

Beside us, Chuffrey grunted again, sitting up. He blinked at the dark room, his eyes adjusting. When he realized what he was seeing, I drew my knife. "Lay down, Sir. That is an order."

The large man stared at the glinting blade, "Glinda, what is this, what's going on? Who is this woman."

"Oh, Chuffrey... this is... Elphaba. She's been my lover for... such a long time," she whimpered, tears in her voice, "I'm sorry, darling... what needs to be done will be done."

I swiftly plunged the knife into his chest and Glinda looked away, burying her face in my chest, sobbing. I kissed her once more before stepping back, taking the knife and wiping it off on their sheets. "Go in two hours time. Give me long enough to remove any trace of you or Fiyero from my apartment. Then alert the Wizard to what has happened." I shethed the knife and kissed her again hungrily before turning away and mounting my broom.
Tags: fiyero/elphaba, gelphie, het, slash, smut, title: strawberries, wicked

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