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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 18/?

Title: Strawberries (18/?)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda, Elphaba/Fiyero, Elphaba/Glinda/Fiyero (crossover Bookverse/Musicalverse)
Rating: NC-17
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Notes: Fiyero brings Winkie Beer over, Glinda tries to make Elphaba wear pink again, Elphaba admits a rather embarassing secret, The trio plays truth or dare, and Glinda's dare is the Wickedest of them all. Sorry its so late.
Warnings: Alcohol, EWEWEW Pity/Hetsex (tee hee. Liir has to comes from somewhere), girlsex.
Dedications: To friendhamster for being the Glinda to my Elphaba, to blahzay for the insane insomniac slash hour, to avathebrat lookie, a threesome!, to lady_razzle for being my slash GODDESS, to galindafication for not cutting me, to raining_cloud i grew strawberries while you're away again, to mad_dancer because I miss her and she hasn't been around lately and this makes jackie sad :(, to Stephen Schwartz for taking the phrase "Winkie Beer" (*snort* and all of "Which Way's the Party") out of the show but having it in the San Fransisco run JUST long enough to get on my audio bootleg and amuse the FUCK out of me, To LF Baum and Gregory Maguire for writing so much slash opportunity into their stories ^_^, to the TheraFlu corporation for not making strawberry flavored TheraFlu beacuse good god if they could fuck lemon citrus up this badly, Strawberry may well have killed any and all urge to ever write another chapter, and here's one to the GODS at Jell-O for making strawberry jell-o that takes away the sting of lemon citrus TheraFlu!

I sighed softly, unfurling the long wool scarf around my neck with one hand while the other dug for the key to my apartment in my pocket. It caught me slightly off guard when my door opened to reveal Fiyero. "Yero, how did you get into my apartment?"

Glinda giggled, "I took the liberty of taking your key and making a copy for the both of us. No more hiding for YOU Miss Elphaba!" She giggled fitfully.

"You've been drinking... I really hope you haven't been making much noise... The neighbors are kinda weird about that..." I trailed off as Fiyero pulled me through the door, closing and locking it behind me.

"You know, Elphie, you never make me be quiet when we have sex..." Glinda giggled again lounging languidly on my creaky sofa.

Fiyero shook his head. "I had to take a little trip back home to check on Sarima and the kids and took the opportunity to bring back some of the best alcohol in the land. Winkie Beer. It's been far too long since you've been to a drunken party, Fae."

"I pride myself on the fact that aside from the Philosopher's club and Ama Clutch's... 'funeral,' I've never been drunk."

"So it's about fuckin' time you got drunk again!" The blonde giggled furiously again, her delicate curls bouncing against her flushed cheeks.

Fiyero and I looked at each other and he raised his eyebrow. "She gets loud, vulgar, and horny when she's drunk. That's how we ended up at the Philosopher's club," I explained.

"Ah. Yes. Avaric told me that one. The two of you are apparently quite," he cupped his hands at his chest and moved them out to show an invisibly ample bosom, "stacked."

Glinda struggled to sit up, "If you're a good little Winkie, we might just show you how stacked we are!"

"Glin, how much have you had?" I sat beside her, steadying her with a hand on either shoulder.

She scrunched up her nose, her eyes shining, holding her fingers up in front of her face, one going up with each twitch of her nose. "Um..." She lowered her hand, "I can't remember. But we had some of that... brown stuff up in your cabinet. It burned the whole way down but it made me all warm and fuzzy!" Glinda giggled, curling up against me. "My Elphaba..."

"You had Quadling whiskey and didn't pass out?" I ran a hand through her hair, "I'm impressed."

Glinda sat up again. "OH! That reminds me! I bought some more clothes for you."

I shook my head, "Nooonononono."

"Yessssyesyesyesyes." Glinda picked up a bag from a fancy looking Gillikinese boutique and pulled out a frilly looking pink skirt.

"No. Glinda. I won't wear it."

"Nonsense, Elphie, of course you will. I bought it for you."

"Glinda, assassins don't wear pink," I groaned.

"You're an assassin?" she squeaked.

"Well, depending on what day it is, yes. But even if I wasn't I still wouldn't wear it."

"Oh C'mon, Elphie, there has to be a REASON you hate pink so much. I mean, c'mon look at it. It even has little strawberries on it. I know how much you like strawberries," she reasoned.

"I like strawberries on you. I don't wear fruits or pink," I sighed, taking the skirt from her and putting it back in the bag. "You want to know why I hate pink so much?" Glinda nodded eagerly and I sighed. "Have you ever heard of the Lullabye League?" Fiyero let out a snicker and I gave him a look. Glinda shook her head innocently. "There are two groups in Munchkinland for children, especially children of nobility or the church, I was both, being a Thropp and the daughter of a priest. The Lullabye League was the group for girls, the Lollipop Guild was the group for boys. Our dear Boq can tell you all about the Lollipop Guild. In the Lullabye League... the girls wear these hideous pink ballet costumes, pink tights, pink leotard, pink ballet slippers, and this obnoxious pink hat thing with a flower bursting out of the top." Fiyero laughed again and I threw him a vicious glare. "My mother made me join the Lullabye League when I was three. Just before Nessa was born... I think it was some bizarre pregnant woman hormone thing. Well... needless to say when a small, thin, green girl walked into the meeting wearing a pink leotard and tights and that godforsaken hat, half the girls screamed, two peed their pants, and three fainted. The rest laughed at me. Ever since then, I've sworn never to wear pink."

Both Fiyero and Glinda were convulsing with laughter by the time I finished my story. I folded my arms and scowled. "Oh, lighten up, Fae. Here, have a beer." Fiyero tossed me a can of beer, WINKIE BEER! A product of the Vinkus printed across it. I sighed and opened it, taking a long swig.

Glinda looked up at me with big, excited eyes, "Now we'll play truth or dare! Elphie, put something more comfy on."

I sighed and stood reluctantly, going behind the curtain to slip off my stiff black dress, putting on a dark blue shirt and a pair of short black shorts that Glinda brought for me the last time she'd been over, claiming I have nice legs and I ought to show them off more. I stepped out and Fiyero froze, staring at me. "I knew it, Glin, I don't have nice legs, really, I should put something warmer on..."

Fiyero shook his head. "No.. that is... no... you don't have... not nice legs... you look... damn." His eyes travelled up my legs, lingering at the shorts, then further up to the rather tight shirt that emphasized my... features. "Glinda pick it out for you?" He asked playfully.

I nodded shyly and sat beside the petite, drunk blonde. She curled up close to me and ran a light hand over my left leg. "You are so beautiful, Elphaba Thropp. So beautiful."

I took another swig of the beer and set it down. "So... uh... Truth or dare, then?"

Fiyero shook his head, snapping out of it, "Ahh alright. Glinda, you start."

"Ooooh! Yay. Okay, Fiyero. Truth or dare?"

"Uhh. Truth." Fiyero took a quick sip of his beer.

"Tell Elphaba how you feel about her."

Fiyero stopped mid sip, almost choking on his drink. "What?"

Glinda smiled, pleased with herself. "I said, tell Miss Elphaba how you feel about her. You know, what you told me. The whole how you wan--"

"Alright, that's enough, Glinda. If she has to hear it she'll hear it from me," Fiyero drew in a deep breath. "Elphaba, I like you. Alright, Glinda," he growled softly as the blonde gave him a contemptuous glare and opened her mouth, "Elphaba, I love you. I... Stop giving me that LOOK Glinda Upland. Do I have to tell her everything? Alright. I want... I want you."

"Me? Fiyero... But you're married... and a prince! And I'm... what am I? A reject, a runaway, a criminal..."

"You're beautiful. Glinda's married and that doesnt stop you so don't even try that. And you're the Governor's granddaughter. You should be next in line for the position of Eminent Thropp, not your sister. You're beautiful and kind and caring... you're a criminal for the right reasons and if anyone has rejected you its because they don't know you. I love you and Glinda loves you and neither of us would change that for the world," he sighed.

"Amen. What he said, Elphie. You're everything we could ever want! Don't try and play that pity party card on us. You're amazing. Fuck, you can FLY. You can do magic things that I can almost kinda barely sorta do!" Glinda puntuated her words with a kiss. I blushed, visibly. "Your turn, Fiyero," Glinda hiccupped.

"Elphaba," he began hesitantly. "Elphaba, truth or dare?"

"Dare," I said flatly.

Fiyero looked disconcerted at my choice, probably having had some deep dark truth to ask of me. "Um... I dare you... to take off your shirt."

"Men are all the same, Glinda. They all just wanna see your tits," I said with a smirk, pulling the shirt off and throwing it at him playfully. Glinda raised her can and uttered an 'Amen.' I cracked my neck slowly and looked at Glinda. "Truth or Dare, Miss Glinda."

"Hmmm... Dare," she giggled.

I leaned over so my lips were against her soft, pale ear, and said in a low, sultry tone, "I dare you to go down on me. Right here. In front of Fiyero." I flicked my tongue out and licked her ear gently, eliciting a moan from her soft, pink, strawberry glossed lips.

Her hand fell to my stomach, unbuttoning the shorts swiftly, tugging at the zipper. I lifted my hips, well practiced at Glinda's lazy stripping by then, and let her slide them off. She eyed my light blue panties, "I thought underwear was a luxury for the rich?"

"Yes and when your rich girlfriend buys you them, you can be luxurious and wear them. And your rich girlfriend can also take them off of you." Glinda giggled, obliging. I watched Fiyero as she slid them down. His eyes, closed at first, opened slowly when the offensive blue panties were at about my knees. He kept his eyes courteously high until Glinda spread my legs. I raised my eyebrow, amused, when he very hesitantly lowered his eyes and his body responded. Glinda slowly ran her tongue along the inside of my thigh, causing me to shiver slightly. She kissed the rest of her way up and in, placing one more kiss at the top of my gentle green folds of skin. She'd convinced me to shave down there, the same way I shave my legs and since then, she's been much more eager to go down there. I gasped and leaned my head back, my eyes still not leaving Yero, as Glinda ran her tongue slowly between the two damp folds of skin. She slowly worked her tongue into my wet hole, raising her hand to flick my clit gently with her finger. I gasped softly, moving my hips up; Fiyero moaned, his hand ghosting over the front of his pants. Glinda switched up, bringing her hand down so her fingers worked quickly in and out of my hole and her tongue played over my clit, occasionally bringing her whole mouth down on it to suck or nibble it. I ran my hand down my body, stopping to tweak my nipples gently, over my stomach to her blonde curls of hair and I tangled my fingers in it, urging her head closer to my heat as I moaned loudly. I gasped again as she slipped another finger in and twisted them quickly, moaning loudly. Fiyero groaned as I whimpered Glinda's name, climaxing. She gingerly lapped up my juices and Fiyero got up, blushing, getting us each another can of beer and bringing over the whiskey with a small shot glass. I reached a slightly trembling hand into my satchel, pulling out a small box of clove cigarettes, placing one between my lips, still flushed from my teeth biting at them as I held back moans. I struck a match and lit it, taking a slow, deep drag of the sweet smoke. I opened the bottle, sitting rather unashamed in my nakedness, pouring a full shot of whiskey, tossing it back with ease. "You know, I was saving this stuff for when the Wizard gets overthrown. But by the looks of it he'll have to die of old age first!" I poured another shot, offering it to Fiyero, who also threw it back quickly. I suppose they make Winkie boys to hold their alcohol. And Gillikinese girls not to.

Glinda continued to nurse what I suspected to be her fifth or sixth beer, watching me and Fiyero do another shot each. "Fiyero. Truth or dare?" she asked softly, taking another big sip.

"Damn, Glin... um... aw Hell, dare."

Glinda grinned wickedly, "Fuck her."

Both Fiyero and I stared at Glinda, as if having heard her wrong. "Excuse me? Do I get no say in this dare?" I asked the same time as Fiyero asked, "But Glinda, she! I! WHAT?!"

"No, Elphaba, you don't. And to make myself more clear, Fiyero, I dare you to fuck Elphaba. Get between her legs and use that penis that we can all clearly see likes this dare," she smirked, folding her arms, obviously quite pleased with herself.

I swallowed thickly, "Dammit, Glinda... just... Damn it!"

Fiyero groaned, standing up. He unbuttoned his shirt, shrugging it off to reveal his dark skin, the blue diamonds leading all the way down beneath his waistband. I swallowed slowly, glancing over at Glinda to assure it was what she wanted, but she was watching Fiyero. I looked back at Yero to see him unbuttoning his pants, sliding them down. I'd never seen a man naked other than the ones at the Philosopher's Club. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding as the pants fell to his ankles, taking his undershorts with them. I stared unabashedly at him, entranced by the intricate swirling pattern of diamonds leading from his neck to his thighs, around the base of his thick, hard penis, down the insides of his thighs, where they became tinier and tinier until they dissapeared mid-thigh. He reached his hand out for mine and I took it, standing, my mind blurred by the whiskey and the heat of sex both recent and nearing. Yero pushed the curtain back to reveal the bed to Glinda and gingerly lifted me up, laying me on the bed. Damn, I thought to myself, if this is the kind of treatment Sarima gets when they make love, no wonder they have three kids already. He cupped my face gently with both hands, pressing his lips against mine slowly, his eyes closed. I looked over at the looking glass, watching his soft, dark brown skin move over my dark green skin with a glint of glittering diamonds. I moaned softly into his mouth at the sight, letting my eyes flutter closed, deepining the kiss as I moved my mouth against his, our tongues dancing slowly. He slowly kissed down my neck, over my chest, pausing to give special attention to my nipples. I gasped softly at the sensation of a new mouth where I'd only ever felt Glinda's. His was different, distinctly manly, his lips more rough, his tongue more powerful and present. One of his hands still cupped my face, his thumb stroking over my lips gingerly, occasionally I'd part my lips and swipe my tongue over his roaming thumb, causing him to laugh softly. He raised his head, looking up at me. "You sure this is okay, Fae?" He asked softly, using both hands to slowly massage my breasts. I moaned my consent, glancing at Glinda, my eyes asking her the same question. She nodded, her hand working furiously between her legs, the sight of which caused me to moan again, my head falling back against my pillow. He slowly pushed into me and I winced at the sharp pain of virginity lost, but as it subsided, the wince was quickly replaced by soft moans. This was at least ten times better than the bottle or that silver thing Glinda has. Fiyero moved slowly in and out and I moaned softly, gasping. "Oh sweet Lurline, Elphaba..."

"Oh, Fiyero... oh Oz, this... you... amazing," I moaned softly, running my hands slowly over the patterned trails of diamonds.

Glinda whimpered over at the couch, watching, her eyes glazed over with lust, watching Fiyero's thickness slide effortlessly in and out of me, my heat meeting the cool flush of his diamonds with each upward stroke. Fiyero leaned down, taking one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it for a moment before pulling back and blowing lightly on it. The sensation made me moan and writhe, gasping. My eyes met Glinda's and she rose slowly, walking over to the bed, kneeling beside it. I reached over, running my hand through her hair, cradling her head gently. I pulled her closer, kissing her hungrily. Fiyero moaned loudly, moving faster, raising a hand to touch where my lips touched Glinda's. She lowered her head to my breast, kissing it gently, taking the nipple into her mouth, Fiyero doing the same with the other. I gasped, crying out, clenching down on Yero's thickness, letting the passion overtake me in my second climax of the night. Fiyero moved faster, and with one final push, he released in his own climax, collapsing half on top of me. Glinda gasped, "Sweet Lurline. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen." She kissed my mouth then slowly leaned down, kissing Fiyero as well.

Fiyero smiled sweetly, "Glinda, truth or dare?"

Glinda grinned, "Truth, because I'm afraid if we do one more sexual dare, Elphie might pass out."

"Isn't Elphaba... the most amazing woman ever?"

Glinda smiled widely, reaching down to cradle my head. I smiled back up at her as she replied, "Yes. Yes she is. I love her very much." She laid down on the bed beside me and Fiyero cuddled closer, pulling the sheets over the three of us, kissing my brow gently as we all fell into a silent, deep sleep. I dreamed all that night of Fiyero and Glinda and the blissful love triangle we'd now created.
Tags: fiyero/elphaba, fiyero/elphaba/glinda, fiyero/glinda, gelphie, het, slash, smut, title: strawberries, wicked

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