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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 17/?

Title: Strawberries (17/?)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda (crossover Bookverse/Musicalverse)
Rating: NC-17
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Notes: Elphaba is amused by Glinda's new title and new taste for ball gowns, Glinda decides to be a saucy minx--again.
Warnings: *shrug* I figure if you've made it this far, you're uncorruptable.
Dedications: to friendhamster for cuddling me when i fell asleep, to mad_dancer for a rockin' solo tonight, to requiemofliving for being Thom Who Hath it Goin' On, to kumbricias_pass for being the BEST NEW WICKED SLASH GROUP EVER founded by me and sara and therefore you ALL MUST GO JOIN IT NOW. hehehe done pimping. Also to anthony for making the best cheno site evurrrr which had this picture of cheno in her dressing room that inspired this scene.

Glinda and I continued our sordid affair during the days, and during the night I carried out missions for the Ozians for a Wizard Free Oz movement. Fiyero kept me company when Glinda couldn't be with me, and though I would deny it to him, I enjoyed the human company, so did Malky. This particular day, I was perched atop a building near the Great Emerald Square where a ceremony was taking place. All I knew of it was that it had to do with my Glinda and she told me not to come. So I had to. I held tightly to a spire, sitting precariously on the steeple of a unionist church, my broom clenched tightly in my other hand incase a hasty departure was needed. A carriage rolled up to a podium that had been set up and decorated with streamers and ribbons of green and yellow. Madame Morrible stepped out, followed by her tiktok Grommetik. They both ascended the podium and then a long, slender, elegant leg with a blue, sequined pump (what, I like shoes, can't I have one girly luxury?) emerged from the carriage, then a thin, silk gloved hand. The footman took the hand and out stepped Glinda, covered from head to toe in pale blue and glitter, a puffy ball gown being the main feature. Her hair was curled in delicate ringlets, some of which were pinned at her forehead, a sparkling blue tiara tucked just-so into her hair. My breath caught in my throat--no matter how ridiculous she looked... she was breathtaking. She was my lover, and she looked more radiant than I'd ever seen her. She waved in the manner of a beauty queen, a broad, happy smile spread from cheek to cheek, her bright blue eyes glittering with excitement. She stepped up to the podium with an air of sophistication, waving her tall (almost as tall as her) silver and glass wand to shush the crowd, and spoke loudly and clearly, "Fellow Ozians, I am here today on behalf of our Wonderful Wizard." And with those words my heart sunk deep from my throat to the pit of my stomach. No.

The Wizard could not take her from me. "Many of you know me, some of you do not," she continued, "I am Glinda Upland, of the Arduennas Uplands. Some of you may know my from Shiz, where I studified Sorcery under the watchful eye of the magnanimousish Madame Morrible. Some of you may know me as Lady Glinda, wife of Sir Chuffrey of Easternly Gillikin. I am here with Madame Morrible to tell you, today, that I have been awarded the title of Lady Adept of Gillikin. I will use my sorcery powers to protect the innocent in Gillikin and in Oz. From now on, let it be decreed by our Wonderful Wizard, that I am Glinda, the Good." Applause erupted from the large crowd of Emerald City dwellers.

I snorted, none of them were Animals, I noticed. I shook my head again. There has to be a reason for this, I thought to myself. There has to be a reason that Glinda did this. She knows how I feel about the Wizard. Once she told me I should work with the Wizard, make it an inside job. Perhaps thats what she was doing. I stood up on the roof of the church and mounted my broom, lifting slowly up, a few people noticed me and pointed, causing Glinda and Madame Morrible to look up. But before they could clearly see who it was, though I'm sure in her heart and mind, Glinda knew, I was gone.

I sat on the bed in Glinda's room, she had left the window open for me. Chuffs was out of town on "business" so she had the ritzy flat to herself. She burst in, a flutter of blue and sparkles. "Elphaba Thropp, I told you not to come today!"

"Do you honestly think a team of wild animals could keep me away from the titlefication of my darling Glinda?" I snapped, dryly.

"Elphie, you don't understand--"

"Tell me it's an inside job, like you said, Glinda. Tell me you aren't actually loyal to that PIG from a different world! That balloon headed piece of Horseshit," I spat angrily.

"It is. Once I gain the trust of the Gillikinese, I can sway them against the wizard. I'm smarter than you think I am, Elphaba!" She shouted.

I sighed, standing up and walking behind her to unzip the uncomfortable looking dress. She slid it half down and collapsed onto the chaise across from the bed. I sat on the bed again and stared at her. "You look like one of those naughty etchings of a Kumbric Witch that Avaric hung in his dormitory," I laughed softly.

"Shut up, Elphie, please. This is how I have to dress now, and it's stylish, not that you'd know, you think black is this year's pink or something."

"Oh no, black is so six years ago, Glinda," I rolled my eyes. "So you're 'Glinda the Good' now huh? More like Glinda the Good in Bed." I laughed again, getting a real kick out of my own jokes.

"You're the only one who'd know, darling," she said, slyly, "but if you'd like another go just to make sure..." She leaned her head back, staring at me with a sultry look on her face. I growled lightly, taking off my hat and scarf. Glinda giggled and pushed her dress the rest of the way off, taking time to ease out of her corset and panties, sprawling out on the cushioned chaise. My heart skipped a beat and I slipped off my shirt and skirts, kneeling at the foot of the long reclined chair. I kissed her thighs gently, looking up into her eyes. She smiled and asked quietly, "Are you still mad at me for working for the Wizard?"

I kissed higher up her thigh, "As long as by working for the Wizard, you are working against him..." She gasped and I slowly worked my tongue into her hot wetness, using one hand to roll her swollen clit between my thumb and forefinger, using the long middle finger of my other hand with my tongue to plunge in and out of her. Glinda twisted on the chaise and whimpered, her own hands working her nipples vigorously. Her tiara cluttered to the floor beside her long forgotten wand as she arched her back. Her climax was so loud I'm sure the hired help raised one, if not both, eyebrow. She screamed my name, one hand tangled in my mass of thick black hair. I kissed her gently, half wishing I would leave behind some green signature as if wearing lipstick, to mark her as mine if Chuffrey ever decided he could get it up for her. I kneeled back, licking my lips as Glinda stared at me, her hair now a mess of unruly curls, glitter and mascara streaking down her cheeks with tears of ecstasy. She never looked more radiant, never indeed. We made love all afternoon and well into the evening, I think we embarrassed the neighbors and started quite a rumor mill in those few hours.

We laid on the bed together after... maybe our sixth time, kissing passionately, sweat beading on our skin in a sheen of passion. Glinda smirked, her hair now a completely lost cause, we'd stepped on her tiara, shattering it, and knocked over a lamp. "Well, damn, I think I need a drink. And now I've finally consummated a relationship on my wedding bed! Not that it aws with who I married or anything."

I laughed softly, "I think we broke a few things..."

"That's okay, I'll go shopping tomorrow and buy all new stuff. I do it all the time, Chuffrey never notices."

"He obviously doesn't notice what lays beside him in bed every night or you would have consummated a few times..."

"He knows. I'm telling you, he just couldn't find his dick if he had directions tattooed in his left hand. I've never even seen it! I wonder sometimes if he has one." She giggled.

"Fiyero has one. I haven't seen it, but he gets hard around me alot. I think he might have a silly little boy crush on me," I speculated.

"Might? Elphie, he's had a crush on you since Shiz. I swear he almost talked about you more than I did. He's head over heels for you. Thats how I knew he'd know where you were. He knows you're untouchable, but he still pines. He told me that, that he respects what we have and he'd never try anything, but he loves you."

I stared up at the ceiling, not knowing what to say. Fiyero? Me? But he's a prince. I'm... why is Glinda with me again?

Glinda kissed me on the cheek gently, hugging me close. "It's okay, Elphie. Ya know... if you want to do things with him. I don't mind."

"No! No... I couldn't. I mean... I don't even know what to do with a boy. At all. I've never even seen a real penis, seeing Shell's when I changed his unders doesn't count, either," I groaned.

"You're not missing much, Elphie." Glinda giggled, "You're not missing much at all. But maybe. Just let Fiyero once. He has a wife, I don't know if he'll even do it once. But if anything, it'll get the desire out of his system. You need to get rid of that sexual tension. It fucks the whole vibe we have going on as friends right up. He needs to get laid." And with that, Glinda pressed her mouth against mine again, kissing me deeply and we started at it all over again. Yep. No sexual tension there.
Tags: gelphie, slash, smut, title: strawberries, wicked

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