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RPS // Idina/Kristin // Fic // Breaking and Entering (1/1)

Title: Breaking and Entering (1/1)
Pairing: Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth (brief Idina/Taye)
Rating: NC-17.
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: As far as I know, this has never happened.  If it has, I must be psychic.  Inspired by the promo picture of Idina and Taye in the NYTimes from the Wild Party promotion.
Summary: Kristin goes into Idina's locked dressing room to return a book, set while Taye was replacing Norbert in December/January
Warnings: Voyeurism, Showersex, Cheating (As in Idina on Taye)
Dedications: To my Strawberries Readers... A little RPS between chapters of Strawberries.

Kristin sighed, setting aside a cute teddy bear in a fluffy pink dress with a hand written note from a five year old fan that read To Glinda, yoo r my fabrit wich evur, luve Rosie.  She sifted slowly through the items on her dressing table, tossing some random papers into the little blue waste basket beside the table.  Under the papers she discovered a thick black book.  She turned it over in her hands, trying to remember who on earth the book Ask the Dust would belong to.  Opening it from the back, she thumbed through the pages, hoping to find a book mark or something implying who it belonged to.  Kristin scrunched her nose, looking at the cover. Who the hell left this in here... She thought to herself, opening the book again.  The book fell open to the front cover. Well duh, Kristin.  She smacked her forehead lightly at the sight of Idina's name scrawled sloppily in a familiar way.  Her heart warmed in an inexplicable way, the way it did when she thought of her kitten at home.  She shook her head, standing and tying her robe a bit tighter before grabbing her keys, "Better get this back to Dee before I lose it again," she said softly to herself.

Kristin walked out of her dressing room, locking the door behind her.  She jogged quickly, barefoot, down to Idina's dressing room, knocking lightly, "Idina? Its Kris... you there?"  When Kristin didn't hear an answer, she shrugged and unlocked the door with the key Idina had copied for her.  Opening the door, she realized why Idina hadn't answered, the shower was running.  Better just pop in and let her know I'm returning her book, she reasoned to herself, walking towards the open bathroom door.  When she walked into the bathroom, she almost dropped the book and keys when she saw Taye and Idina together, entwined under the hot spray of water.  Taye had his back to Kristin and Idina was against the wall of the open shower, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, her hands gripping his wet shoulders tightly as he moved slowly against her.  Kristin's eyes widened and her skin blanched, her hand tightened around the book so tightly her knuckles were white.  Idina's eyes were screwed tightly shut as she moved with Taye slowly, up and down, her thighs flexing and unflexing as their wet flesh moved slowly, dark against light.  Idina let go with her left hand, clawing at the tiled wall as she cried out, her breasts heaving with each gasping breath she took in and every resonating moan she let loose.  Kristin was frozen, she couldn't move or speak out of fear they would stop and realize she was there.  Idina's eyes opened slowly, to look at Taye as she brought her hand back up to his shoulder and she was startled to see the petite blonde standing in the doorway, frozen in shock or awe, whichever one she wasn't sure, nor was Kristin.  Kristin bit her lip, watching their bodies, still unaware that her friend had noticed her, her empty hand toying nervously with the hanging tie of her robe.  Idina ran a hand up and down Taye's back, dragging her nails lightly along his flesh, causing him to moan softly into her neck.  Kristin watched her hand move up and down, following it back up to his shoulder where Idina was peering at her curiously.  Kristin's eyes widened and she turned, setting the book on the desk and hurrying out.

Kristin sat back down on her chair, breathing heavily, confused not at seeing her two married friends making love in the shower, but by her own body's reaction to it.  She reached down between her legs, under her robe, touching herself lightly, further alarmed to find herself already soaking wet with her own juices.  This is not right. she thought to herself, her hand not moving, I'm not a lesbian... I... what the hell is wrong with me....  There was a light knock on her door and she jumped, pulling her hand away from herself, pulling a tissue out of the box on the table to wipe the sticky sweetness off of her fingers.  She threw the tissue away, going to the door.  When she opened it, she wasn't surprised to see Idina on the other side, clad in an identical robe.  "Kristin..." Idina said softly, walking into the blonde's dressing room, "We need to talk."

Kristin closed the door, turning to lean against it, "We do?" she asked innocently.

Idina nodded, a mischevious smile in her eyes and on her lips. "Yes, Kris, we do." She smirked, stepping closer to Kristin, cupping her chin and pressing her lips against Kristins in a slow, sudden kiss.

Kristin's eyes widened when she felt Idina's soft tongue touch to her lips, but parted them anyway, darting her own out to meet it as she gave into the kiss.  When Idina pulled away, Kristin was almost dissapointed.  "What was that," she gasped, breathless, more a statement than a question.

Idina laughed softly, "What, sweet little Miss Oklahoma's never kissed a girl before?"

"Of course I haven't! That is... I hadn't... well... I... You mean you have?"

The taller woman rolled her eyes, "I thought that was a requirement for graduating from college, to fuck at least one girl.  I got extra credit."

"But you're married! To a gorgeous man."

"What does being married have to do with my sexuality?  It's determined a long time before marriage.  Taye knows I'm bisexual... he doesn't have a problem with it."

"Oh... so does that mean I'm...?"

Idina laughed again, "Does that mean you're bisexual? I don't... who were you more turned on watching, Taye," Idina sauntered over to the chaise beside Kristin's vanity, laying on her side, her robe falling open a bit, "or me?"

Kristin's eyes travelled up and down Idina's body, from her sculpted thighs up the soft, white, terrycloth robe, over the exposed gentle curve of her breast, up to her lips.  She drew in a sharp breath, opening her mouth, and after some hesitation, she looked into Idina's eyes, "You."

Idina smiled, untying the robe, and as she shrugged it off her shoulders, it fell in a pool around her body.  Kristin stood still, staring at her friend, unsure of what to do.  Finally she untied her own robe, letting it too fall around her.  Idina eyed Kristin appreciatively, licking her lips. Kristin walked over to the chaise and swallowed thickly, knowing there was no way to turn back now.  Idina pulled her down gently so Krisitin was laying beside her and kissed her mouth gently.  The smaller woman let nature take over and kissed Idina back slowly, their tongues dancing together as their hands roamed freely over each others' bodies.  Idina rubbed Kristin's ample breasts slowly, her fingers playing over the soft pink nipples, rolling them slowly between her fingers, dipping her head down to take one in her mouth, suckling and nibbling it.  Kristin moaned softly, tangling her fingers in Idina's thick, wet hair.  "Shit, Idina!"

Idina layed Kristin back, kissing down her chest to her stomach, kissing her belly button gently and licking the contours of the older woman's abs.  Kristin moaned louder, gasping.  Idina continued her voyage south.  She pushed Kristin's thighs apart a bit, licking the insides of her thighs gently.  Kristin shivered lightly as Idina kissed higher and higher up her thighs until the brunette's tongue darted out and licked slowly along the soft skin of her vagina, dipping her tongue between the flushed lips and into her. Kristin gasped and whimpered at once, tangling her hands further into Idina's wild hair.  Idina kept her eyes locked with Kristin's as she slipped a two fingers in to replace her tongue, which was moving up to lick and nibble at her clit.  Kristin climaxed in a matter of minutes and the younger woman licked her gently, cleaning her up.  Kristinw as gasping, breathing heavily when Idina propped herself up on her elbows, "So, did that answer your question?" Idina asked with a smirk.

The petite blonde blushed furiously, nodding slightly, "Yeah... I think it did... Wow, Idina, I had no idea..."

"Well now that you know... I hope you break into my dressing room more often," Idina smiled widely, crawling up Kristin's body, placing a kiss on her lips, "because now that I've had a taste, I'll be back for more." She whispered, standing up and slipping her robe on, walking out of Kristin's room with a shake of her hips.  Kristin stared after her, pulling her own robe on, smiling confidently to herself, thinking, I'm hope I do too, because you aren't getting rid of me now.
Tags: het, idina/kristin, idina/taye, rps, slash, smut, title: breaking and entering

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