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Hotch/Emily // Fic // 2000 Miles (3/3)

Title: 2000 Miles (3/3) {Complete}
Author: elekanahmen aka Jax
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Emily (IKR???!)
Disclaimer- I don't own them, as they're clearly NOT chained up in my closet. Title isn't mine either, it's a Christmas song.
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Warnings: Het (yes, from me, that is a warning,) Body piercings, tattoos and smoking. Emily is secretly a heterosexual bad girl. Rawr.
Summary: Hotch's ear problem is bothering him after an explosion in the field. Emily takes it upon herself to get him back to Quantico safely and Shenanigans ensue.
Prompt: hotch_prentiss December Challenge Phrase: "Road Trip"
Author's Note: Okay, so I admit it. I've been reading Hotchily. Beyond that, I've been co-writing it with babyfirefly... And, well, mcgarrygirl78 too... And so I joined hotch_prentiss and in the recently posted Challenge list, mcgarrygirl78 made a very poorly disguised jab at the fact that while I'd co-authored no fewer than four chapters and one short, I've yet to write some Hotchily of my own. So here I am, traitor to all things JJ/Emily... writing a three-part, role-play based Hotch/Prentiss fic... co-written by mcgarrygirl78 my digital muse and encouraged heavily by babyfirefly my irl muse and girlfriend. OH yeah, and hopskotch_hotch, you didn't help anything either by being blindingly fabulous.
AN 2: Broken into 3 parts because it came from nearly four hour aim/text based RP with mcgarrygirl78 which with my wordiness, the final 1/3 of it is about 2.9k words.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Her words echoed in his ears. How does it feel? How does it feel? God, of all the things to have to put into words… “Like… walking heaven on Earth every single day. Even the incredibly bad days, and I’ve had some of them, lately…” Hotch trailed, off, glancing over at her. He couldn’t read her expression and that alone made his heart start double time.


“Why didn’t you say anything?”


“What was I supposed to say?” Hotch’s heart was in his throat, “We’re all too close… way too close.”



Hotch cut her off. “I wanted to, believe me, but I’ve failed enough already, I don’t want to fail anymore.”


“—pull over.”


The older agent shook his head resolutely. “No.”


“Dammit, Hotch, pull over.” With a pointed glare and a sigh, Hotch pulled the Tahoe onto the median shoulder. His skin tingled with the distinct burn that her touch always stirred in him as she reached over, cupping Hotch’s chin. She turned his head to look into his eyes, growling lightly as he closed his. “Open your eyes. I’m not saying this without seeing them.” He obliged, slowly, the deep hazel meeting her deep chocolate eyes. “You should have told me. If you had, I wouldn’t have always felt so foolish for looking at you the way I do.”


“You are no fool, Emily Prentiss. You never have been.”


“Oh, come on, for someone who fights so hard for her reputation, I fell for my boss. I mean…” Emily looked up, her bangs fluttering as she exhaled in a hard sigh, leaning her head against her headrest, her ponytail curling around her neck.


Hotch’s eyes drew slowly up her neck and over the smooth curves of her jaw and cheekbones until he was once again eye to eye with her. “I am a man, Emily. Under the suit and the damn tie, I am a man. A broken man, but a man nonetheless. And I love you, I—” His eyes widened, realizing what he’d just said. “I’m sorry… that was inappropriate, Emily…”

A smile crept over her lips, “Don’t eve apologize for saying that, Hotch… I love you too.”


“Maybe one day you can tell your kids that you had the crappiest declaration of love ever… in a Tahoe.” A smile cracked his lips and Emily couldn’t help but return it widely. She so loved his smile. Without even thinking, the usually reserved Agent Prentiss found herself leaning toward Agent Hotchner, her boss, her superior… the man she was in love with, pressing her lips against his gently. Hotch tried to lean closer, pressing his tongue against her slightly trembling lips, damning the center console between them, the gear shift poking into his ribs as he pulled her closer. He couldn’t help but notice that her lips tasted like ambrosia as she parted them, but her mouth tasted like vanilla and coffee and just the faintest hint of clove and smoke, all swirled together in a taste that he would forever remember as Emily… Emily, Emily, sweet delicious Emily. He couldn’t believe the whimper that escaped his own lips as, gasping for air, Emily pulled away.





“God I—” Emily needed to be careful, these words just kept tumbling out of her mouth unbidden, “—I want you so badly right now.” The whine of want and desperation sounded so foreign to her own ears. Emily Prentiss didn’t whine, at least not in the last twenty years.

Hotch nodded, his lips flushed, eyes glazed with hunger. “There’s a rest stop ahead… about 15 miles from here. A little motel…” He saw the hesitation in Prentiss’s eyes, “Hopefully not a dangerous one.” He knew both of their minds were flickering back to Floyd Hansen.


Emily nodded, pressing her lips together, her desperation evident in her eyes and the sudden rash of fidgeting. She turned back to face the road, taking a deep breath before uttering the single word, “Drive.”


Not needing to be told twice, Hotch turned the car back on, pulling back out onto the road, pumping the gas as if his life depended on it. Both of their minds were racing Oh God, this is real… reeling… So soon… So soon, I’ll be inside of her… grasping for coherent thought, He said he loved me… this can’t be real… It felt like both seconds and years as they pulled up to the motel. Emily grabbed her cloves, hopping out before Hotch even had the Tahoe in park, watching as he practically tumbled from the car, turning, boyish smile crossing his lips. “Wait here for me. I’ll get the room.”


He rushed through the entrance, setting his credit card on the counter, groaning silently as an impossibly elderly woman stood creakily, making her way eversoslowly to the counter, checking him in with deliberate and measured movements. Taking a deep breath, eyes closed, Hotch tried his damnedest to remain patient, but he could not help tapping his foot impatiently. After all, the woman that starred in his most recent and vulgar fantasies was sucking the smoke from a clove on the other side of the bulletproof glass door, waiting just as eagerly for him so they could dive headlong into their wanton fantasies.


She was so close but so far away, he could still smell her heat and perfume on her skin, still taste the mingling of spice and vanilla on his tongue. He looked up as she flicked the cigarette, walking in. Emily slipped an arm around his waist, leaning against him as the elderly woman, Flora her nametag read, handed him two keycards. “Room 214.” With nearly superhuman speed, Hotch grasped Emily’s long, slender fingers, tangling them with his, pulling her through the doorway into the dusty afternoon, tripping up the iron staircase like a desperate teenager on prom night, the prom queen hot on his heels. Hotch cursed his fingers as he fumbled with the key until those long, slender fingers snatched it from his grasp, unlocking the door with a firm ease of a woman in control. As if he needed another reason to want Emily Prentiss more than he did. She flicked her wrist over the doorknob, easing into the doorway. Hotch closed the door with his foot in one fluid motion as he grasped her hips, turning her and pulling her into a hot, hungry kiss, pouring two years of desire unspoken into her mouth, his body stirring as her simple response was a moan that shook his lips and reverberated down into his very core. There was a flurry of motion as Emily’s hands deftly worked away Hotch’s pants, pausing only for him to lift the tank top off of her.


Once free of those and moving slowly toward the bed, Emily began to unbutton his dress shirt, pushing it open, her fingers exploring the expanse of skin, tripping over his nipples, trailing over the sparse sprinkling of chest hair. Hotch’s hands were exploring similarly, fingers tracing over the birthmark above her right breast near her collar bone, memorizing the lace of her bra, shivering at the feeling of the small metal ring beneath the delicate fabric. He thanked God and the saints when his fingers eased over the front clasp on her bra, snapping it open easily, watching with hungry eyes as the cups fell away, revealing the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen, hard pale nipples eager for his attention, the little silver ring sparkling in the dim hotel light. He dipped his head down, taking her nipple into his mouth, rolling the ring around with his tongue. Her long black locks tickled over the hand grasping her back as Emily tossed her head back, eyes rolling as a loud moan trickled over her lips. “Oh… Hotch…” One hand still grasping her back, supporting her as her knees grew weaker, Hotch’s other hand slowly eased down her stomach, deftly unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, pushing them off her hips quickly. His thoughts were battling, torn between wanting to lavish her, loving and gentle, and wanting to ravish her, hard and fast.


Emily felt his delay, noticed his pause, and lifted her head, her eyes searching his. She reached up, cupping his face gently with her hands, smiling knowingly, seeing the conflict in them. “Please, Aaron…” her voice was soft, the name was different this time, gentle but needy, “take me now… We can make love all we want later but this time… I need this… we need this.” In one fluid movement, Hotch tugged her panties and his boxers of and immediately sank into the wet heat of her. She cried out as he filled her, uttering his name, “Hotch,” in a half gasp, half moan that reverberated in his chest as he slowly pulled out before settling back in.


“Oh God,” he gasped, “Oh my God… Damn, baby…” He caressed her cheek with the backs of his fingers, smiling down at her before dipping his head down, taking her nipple, ring and all, into his mouth, rolling his tongue over her nipple, catching the ring with his teeth, tugging lightly, and then not so lightly, moaning at the sounds that were coming out of Emily’s mouth. She was his, all his… God, did he ever love her. “So beautiful, Emily,” he murmured against her skin, his hot breath skipping across her wet flesh. “So beautiful.”


Emily grasped at his shoulder, whimpering, her other hand tangled in the sheets of the anonymous hotel room as she leveraged herself to slowly begin rocking with him, meeting his rhythm stroke for stroke. “God… Hotch you’re—you’re so amazing…” Her hand slipped down from his shoulder, tracing over his chest in invisible patterns.


“You’re more so, I promise.” He kissed her gently as his hand eased down between them, his fingers seeking out the tiny nub beneath her folds, pinching it between his fingers, pulling back just enough to watch her face, knowing that he wanted to see and feel when she came. She leaned up, capturing his mouth with hers, hungry to taste him with her tongue. He returned the kiss for a passionate moment before pulling back again, desperate to see the want in her eyes. “I love you,  so much… oh Emily I c—I can’t hold on.”


“Oh…” She made a little moan before growing louder, “Fuck, baby… Hotch I’m—” She cried out loudly. “Aaron! I’m c—Ohhh God, I’m coming!” She rocked hard against him one last time, her body trembling as she tightened around him with a sharp cry, her nails digging into his shoulder as she pulled him tight.


He groaned loudly, trying to keep his breath from leaving him as he felt himself falling with a simple cry, “Emily!” He thrust into her a few more times, milking his ogasm before pulling her close, his body shivering from the intensity.


Pressing against him, Emily gasped, whispering almost inaudibly. “Oh God, Hotch…”

“Yeah?” He whispered back, breathlessly kissing her.


“I love you.”


“I love you too, Emily Prentiss. And you are allowed to handcuff me, should I ever fail you.”


She grinned wickedly, eyebrow raised. “Can I handcuff you if I just wanna play?”


“Absolutely.” He laughed, collapsing against the lumpy mattress, pulling her into his arms.


She curled against him, smiling. “So, how long does it take you to recover, there, big boy?”


“I’m a 40-something, non-smoking male in excellent health who is holding the woman he wants more than anything… …ten minutes, tops.”


“Good because, baby, that was too amazing for just once.”


Smiling again, Hotch caught himself marveling that this woman who had been in his life for so long could make him smile so much in the span of a few hours. “I can’t believe this is happening. I… I’m going to wake up in a minute in that Phoenix hotel room. Well, how can I wake up if I don’t sleep? I don’t sleep.”


“Oh, you’ll sleep tonight.” The sex in her voice was undeniable as she leaned so that her mouth was pressed against his ear, her tongue flicking out over his lobe. “I’ll wear you down until you have no choice.”


Hotch groaned, feeling his cock twitch at her words. “Well, when you put it like that…” He rolled onto his back, pulling her so that her body was on top of his. “Time’s up.” With a twist of her hips, Emily started grinding over his stiffening length, grinning widely. Hotch moaned again, feeling her wetness against his sensitive skin. “Do you know how good you make me feel? I don’t think you do. I can’t even invent the words to tell you.”


“You make me feel just as good baby.”


“Is that why you’re wearing that beautiful smile?” He shifted his body so that the throbbing head of his dick teased at her opening.


She moaned, softly this time. “That or the big ol’ piece you’re teasing me with.” She glanced down and raised an eyebrow. “Jesus, Hotch… I didn’t know you were packing that much…”

“I’m a gentleman,” he chuckled, “I don’t show my hand while the game is still…” He thrust into her, “…in play.”


She moaned again, lifting her hips until she was almost off of him. Taking command, Hotch grabbed her hips, pulling her back down so that she was sitting on his erection, watching her head roll back in ecstasy as she repeated the motion, moving up before sinking down onto his girth. “Ohhh fuck… Hotch…” She moaned, breathless.


“Mmm,” he replied, “oh yeah… that’s it, Em… you look so beautiful. So beautiful.” He closed his eyes tightly, committing the sight of her, head thrown back in bliss, to memory.


He held tighly to her hips, easing her up and down, his own thrusts meeting her in perfect time. He was sure, he thought, that this would kill him. But what a wonderful fucking death… The younger woman ground her hips down before lifting and lowering eagerly at his pace, rocking and riding him. Her mouth was slack with a constant gasping whimper, strangled moans slipping out when he thrust just so. “Fuck… Aaron, I…”


Opening his eyes, Aaron Hotchner simply watched her. “Don’t stop now,” he finally said, “this is the really good part.” She obeyed, rocking harder and faster, grasping one of his hands from her hip, raising it to rest on her breast, his fingers brushing the nipple ring, instinctively grasping it. He lowered his other hand so that his fingers brushed over her clit, causing her to moan again. Ever the Eagle Scout, multitasking to reach my ends, he thought to himself. She cried out again, louder this time, nearly screaming his name over and again, rocking faster and harder. He could tell she was close. “Come on, baby, come on. You’re so close, I want to see your face, I want to make you see the stars the same way I do—oohh yes, Emily!” He squeezed her breast gently, rolling his fingers over her nipple.


Emily cried out again, slamming down on him, her body starting to quake again. Her muscles squeezed tightly around him, drawing him deeper into her as she cried out. “Aaron-fucking-Hotchner, I—I—I’m coming… fuck!”


“YES!” he cried, arching his back and holding down her hips as he let go with her, pulling her tight so that she could feel it as much as he did. She moaned again, softer this time, collapsing against him as she felt him fill her.


“Fuck… Hotch…”


“Holy… mmm…”  He pressed his mouth against hers in an urgent kiss.






“My body is so pissed that it took us two years to finally do that,” she said with a chuckle.


“Hey now, don’t kill my body’s high. He’ll make up for it,” he ran his hands down her naked back, cupping her buttocks. “He’s good for it.”


She gasped softly, grinning. “Oh, Hotch.”


“You’re so… You know, one of these days, I’m going to get the words right. I adore you. I love you. That will do for the moment.”


“I love you too, Aaron.” She kissed his neck gently. “So are we staying here for the night or attempting to get back on the road?”


“Well… seeing as I can’t move right now… I think that answers that question.” He laughed. “One more thing, though.”




“You have to tell me what they say and why it’s true. You know… the nipple ring?”


Emily grinned wickedly. “The nipples are second, I believe, only to the clitoris or penis in the number of nerve endings in the tissue. So… super sensitive.” She grinned wider. “Now, imagine a bar of metal through that tissue that can be cold or hot, adding extra sensation on top of the fingers or lips or tongue already assaulting it.”


Hotch gasped involuntarily. “My imagination just happens to be that active. I am also going to need you to say the word ‘clitoris’ about twenty more times before we return to Quantico.” His fingers toyed with the ring again, musing as Emily whimpered again at his new favorite piece of metal. “This is going to be a long night,” he grinned, rolling them onto the mattress once again.



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  • Brittany/Santana // Fic // Puck's Date

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