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All Your Bunnies Are Belong To Me

So, realizing that not everyone on my comm can read my LJ, I gathered that some of you may not know about my "Hey I'm bored, why don't you guys all prompt me" post which has turned into the great "All Your Bunnies Are Belong To Me" Challenge. So I'm opening it up in a few ways, and I don't just mean Emily's thighs (WHOA).

Here's the poop. Give me a prompt, a type of story, a rating and a fandom/pairing. That's right, I'm opening this sucker wide. You can all contribute and you can pick from ANY fandom that I've written/hope to write. This includes:
Criminal Minds: JJ/Emily (OTP), Emily/Any female, JJ/Any female, Garcia/Any female (No Strauss. A line must be drawn somewhere.) Emily/anyone from the fandoms listed below.
NCIS: Abby/Ziva
NCIS/CM Crossovers: Abby/Garcia, Emily/Ziva
Law & Order SVU*: Olivia/Casey, Olivia/Alex
Wicked: G(a)linda/Elphaba
Runaways*: Nico/Karolina, Xavin/Karolina, N/K/X
Nikki & Nora*: Nikki/Nora
Glee: Brittany/Santana (OTP), Artie/Tina, Brittany/Santana/Puck, Puck/Quinn {Also willing to RPS Naya/Heather}

The Roster thus far:

  1. xiotonks: CM: JJ/Emily, Emily's first gay bar, Smut, NC-17 {Complete}
  2. sofia_lindsay: CM: JJ/Emily, Chocolate Sauce Involved, Smut, NC-17 {Complete}
  3. maekala: CM: JJ/Emily, Songfic: Billie Piper "Safe with Me", Emily's POV {Complete}
  4. polgara247: CM: JJ/Emily, Pregnant Emily, dealing with mom issues, Smut, NC-17 {Complete}
  5. calliopes_muse: CM: JJ/Emily, Alternate "In Heat" ending sans Crawfish, Smut, NC-17
  6. tranqui: CM: JJ/Emily, Ambassador Prentiss outs Emily to the team and betrays her prediliction for blondes, Crack/Humor, PG-13
  7. jessi_08: CM: JJ/Emily, Dead or maimed Crawfish by Emily's hand, Any type, Any rating.
  8. nikkiandnora: CM: JJ/Emily, Sequel to Revenge is..., Smut, NC-17 (Addendum: hynotic_n_crazy specified "Sex in a closet at the Ambassador's" --now that's what I call coming out of the closet.)
  9. resigned_heart: CM: JJ/Emily, Garcia as God, Crack, any rating
  10. nikkiandnora: CM: JJ/Emily, Emily takes JJ against the wall with a strappie, Smut, NC-17
  11. cyandragonfly: CM x N&N: JJ/Emily, Nikki/Nora, The murder of William LaMontagne Jr., a bit of story. (Have a feeling this will become a chapterfic. I've so been avoiding those, Franks. Thanks =P Also, this will not be related to Jessi's request. Separate stories.) Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2
  12. bug_says_meep: Wicked (Bookverse): Glinda/Elphaba, smut in whatever vehicle they took to get to the Emerald City,NC-17
  13. abilena: Law & Order: SVU: Olivia/Casey fic. Smut in the precinct.
  14. sofia_lindsay & gilligankane: CM: JJ/Emily, sequel to The Gift, a follow-up, pregnant-horny-Emily smut-piece (that's a quote from SL)
  15. peacetea2: CM: JJ/Emily, Sneaky subtext from 'In Heat', Non-smut, PG-13
  16. lavidacobra: Glee: Brittana or Naya/Heather: Wicked, Any rating.
  17. lavidacobra: Glee: Brittana, Cotton Candy

Y'uns are a smutty bunch. I will take any prompt, within reason (no rape, torture, bdsm (light bondage play is ok), etc). I won't write het because I don't feel like squicking myself. I won't write character death unless it's William LaMontagne, Jr. Anything else--ANYTHING else is fair game. Smut, Fluff, Crack and Angst welcome, but be warned, I mostly suck at angst.

*Marks fandom i've never written. Please request these knowing they'll likely suck.
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