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Leap of Faith

Alright, kids, so I went through and edited tags entry by entry. Now, via the tags on the left of my layout, you can find that one story, series, fandom, icon post, etc. that you were looking for.

I changed my layout, 's a bit grim, but it's adorable.

Finally, and most importantly... I made all of my posts public. That's right. You no longer have to be a member to read my stories.

In the four years and change that I've had this comm, it's ALWAYS been private, members only. Honestly? I'm sick of the emails, the messages, the comments asking how to join. BUT... and this is the big but... if I find out that my stories are being duplicated or archived anywhere at all without my permission, it's going back into lockdown. I know, I'm totally paranoid... but it's happened. It really has. And it pissed me off/scared the shit out of me... but I'm trying to be more mellow!! Mellow yellow, right?

Sorry that there was backdating fail... I feel pretty shitty about that, but it's for archiving at Women in Kevlar and Passion & Perfection... get my earlier stuff posted on there without redirecting to cm_f...

Oh and anyone else interested in the wicked/other stuff beta... that'd be fab. laylat has stepped up for the wicked team :)
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