August 21st, 2004

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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 21/?

Title: Strawberries 21/?
Pairing: Elphaba/Galinda, Elphaba/Fiyero
Rating: PG this time around, kiddies
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Warnings: Tissue may be Necessary
Summary: Elphaba makes a shocking revelation to Glinda, finds a memory
Dedications: To galindafication for telling me that if Gregory Maguire ever read this, he'd like it. That would officially be the day that I fall over and die, though. To leavethepieces, marianlibrarian, and galindafication for making Mr. Mallet and to the rest of you for making me not have to use Mr. Mallet.
Note: Call me indecisive, Call me an impatient bugger, Call me god, whatever, I got this finished and I just couldn't NOT post it, So I figure since 33 is Idina's age, it must be a magic number and that's quite a good number of responses to the survey so FUCK IT, I'm posting the fics. Good little cherubs. If you haven't done the survey, please, still do it. You won't be punished. Without further ado...

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RPS // Idina/Kristin // Fic // What Dreams May Come

Title: What Dreams May Come, sequel to Breaking and Entering.
Pairing: Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel
Rating: NC-17, the only way to go
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: I don't know Kristin Chenoweth or Idina Menzel (though I have met them on a few occasions), They are (to the best of my knowledge) not sleeping together and this probably didn't happen this morning. However, it being a free country, we can dream it as long as we put a pretty disclaimer before it.
Warnings: Girlsex, graphic right from the getgo. I really do mean the getgo. This fic starts off as straight up lesbian sex.
Summary: Idina surprises Kristin for her birthday
Dedications: Only one dedication for right now, and that is to galindafication's mother for being the only crackwhore I've ever seriously considered killing. Writing hot sex lets off the steam from my anger towards her. She really needs to die.

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people // naya and heather // almost kis

RPS // Idina/Kristin // Fic // Anywhere

Title: Anywhere
Pairing: Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth
Rating: PG-13
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: Kristin and Idina are seperate entities who co-exist on a planet called earth and only do these things in my head. *whine* but we can still dream right? (And write fics)
Warnings: Kidnapping in the first degree
Summary: Kristin kidnaps Idina on a random sunday evening and has 45 hours to get her back to the Gershwin for the next show. What happens in between is up to a blind fold, a full tank of gas, and a secret. Songfic based on the Ecanescence song "Anywhere"
Dedications: galindafication for sending me this song, which is a-fucking-mazing and drips with ChenoDee

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