June 3rd, 2004

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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 17/?

Title: Strawberries (17/?)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda (crossover Bookverse/Musicalverse)
Rating: NC-17
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Notes: Elphaba is amused by Glinda's new title and new taste for ball gowns, Glinda decides to be a saucy minx--again.
Warnings: *shrug* I figure if you've made it this far, you're uncorruptable.
Dedications: to friendhamster for cuddling me when i fell asleep, to mad_dancer for a rockin' solo tonight, to requiemofliving for being Thom Who Hath it Goin' On, to kumbricias_pass for being the BEST NEW WICKED SLASH GROUP EVER founded by me and sara and therefore you ALL MUST GO JOIN IT NOW. hehehe done pimping. Also to anthony for making the best cheno site evurrrr which had this picture of cheno in her dressing room that inspired this scene.

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