June 2nd, 2004

wicked//gelphie bodies

Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 16/?

Title: Strawberries (16/?)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda (crossover Bookverse/Musicalverse)
Rating: Brief NC-17
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz (as i'm beginning to steal his lyrics), and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Notes: Elphaba can't avoid Fiyero, Glinda goes Queer Eye.
Warnings: *shrug* I figure if you've made it this far, you're uncorruptable.
Dedications: to friendhamster for being herself. to hanson for making my life on monday. to mad_dancer for all the positive fb, much love (to the stage). to requiemofliving for being my best lurker reader. to x_elle_79 for the super feedback. to avathebrat for the one am phone calls. to everyone else for being awesome. to sontag! to sondheim! to anything taboo! to ginsberg, dylan, cunningham, and cage! lenny bruce! langston hughes! to the stage! to uta! to buddha! pablo neruda! to why dorothy and toto went over the rainbow (to blow off auntie em!) (sorry i couldn't help that, it just slipped out i swear)

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