May 19th, 2004

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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 13/?

Title: Strawberries (13/?)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda (crossover Bookverse/Musicalverse)
Rating: Starts R/NC-17, then becomes less so
Author: bohemespirit
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz (as i'm beginning to steal his lyrics), and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Notes: Elphaba goes to the Emerald City.  But she needs a real live Gillikinese tour guide.  This meeting with the wizard is more book than musical, but it does have the musical element of a face to face meeting with the wizard.
Warnings: Girlsex, kink.  Yes, that's right. Kink.  As far as I know, Baum/Maguire/Holzman wrote no dildos into Oz, so we must use the next best thing.  That's right.  The Miracle Elixer Bottle.  Also Angst
Dedications: To Stephen Schwartz as I'm stealing his lyrics...  To friendhamster you are NOT a failure, quite the opposite, in fact; and you're an excellent beta-er-er (Hey! that sounds like Michelle Federererererer).  To turnitintolove YOU ARE MY SQUISHY. To mad_dancer my comment whore (The jazz hands are just for you). To avathebrat for being the ill ghetto gangsta, w0rd.

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