May 3rd, 2004

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RPS // Keira/Parminder // Fic // Justify My Love (0/?)

Title: Justify My Love (0/?) Prologue
Authors: bohemespirit and chuckjd
Pairing: Keira/Parminder
Rating: PG-13 for now, NC-17 later
Words: A fan of Parminder Nagra is writing a fan fic about Keira and Minder hooking up. With a twist.
Disclaimer: They aren't ours, we don't know them, we don't own them, we make NO claims to the sexuality of either girl, nor do we think this has actually happened anywhere but in our filthy perverted minds...  Has Naughty Language and
Notes: I'm very happy to present the first actual chapter of an actual fic posted on _kkgirlslash, x-posted to keirafanfiction and slashabetahades.  Go easy on us, we wrote it over AIM... We're getting better.  Also, it's unbeta'd, another reason to go easy.

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