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Notice & Apology

As a notice to everyone and an apology in case my backdating fails, I'm reposting my nine criminal minds fics here in their entirety. I'm going to seriously TRY to backdate them, but I know sometimes backdating is made of epic, epic, monstrous, evil fail. So please don't kill me too much, I'm terribly delicate.

Also, i'm going to be revamping tags too... and I'd also love to have one or two additional betas that I can nag on my beck and call?

Right now for Criminal Minds fics, I have sofia_lindsay and cyandragonfly but I don't have a beta for Wicked. I'm also considering picking up either NCIS or Law & Order fics, but i'd have to delve a little deeper into fandom or fics before I feel comfortable. I'm also going to try to do more icon making.

In other words, this community is officially off hiatus.

Additionally... I would love to have another moderator here to help me with the membership queue (for wicked fics, though I'm tempted to just make the community public again...) and general asshattery that may happen... I would also consider, if anyone wanted to make a partnership for posting icons or fic... maybe make this a team instead of a solo show... I'd consider it.

Anyway. Yes. So recap: Apologies in advance if backdating fails epically. Tag revamps. Beta readers? Hiatus no more! Mods? Sharing? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody? Bueller?
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