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Runaways // Fanmix // The Day Meets The Night {Nico/Karolina}

So, this started out innocently enough... I was working on a general Runaways Fanmix with downtown_sassy and I kept coming across ZOMGKN songs... so I made a Nicolina Fanmix... enjoy. Nico/Karolina is my otp fo shiz from Runaways and this is just kinda how I see/hope to see their relationship progressing/progress. C'est l'amour. (Mostly K to N because that's how I sympathize)

(And for those of you who don't know what Runaways is, it's an amazing comic series by Marvel about a group of runaway kids whose parents are... well, go read the series. Or google it. Or somefin. It's all midnight_united's fault.

1 // Hanson - Fire On The Mountain {betrayed by their parents, Nico and Karolina find themselves only able to trust their friends and each other}
we sit secure in time, honored traditions made
and never wondering where or when the sickle may come
if we don't seek out knowledge to be greater men
when the rain starts falling gonna drown before we get our feet wet

2 // The Academy Is... - About A Girl {Karolina watches Nico go through boy after boy after boy looking for the one thing she knows she can give her}
to be loved, to be loved
what more could you ask for?
to be loved, to be loved
everyone wants to be loved
to be loved

3 // Fall Out Boy - Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year {seemingly condemned to be runaways forever, their constant proximity brings them closer together, for better and for worse}
we're traveled like gypsies
only with worse luck and far less gold
we're the kids you used to love
but then we grew old
we're the lifers here till the bitter end
condemned from the start

4 // T.V. Carpio - I Want To Hold Your Hand {Karolina pines}
oh please, say to me
you'll let me be your man
and please, say to me
you'll let me hold your hand.

5 // Jason Mraz - Galaxy {Nico needs to see that Karolina is a precious gift from the stars. Cheese, I know.}
here i am i'm sitting alone again i'm staring up at the sky which at this lonely moment is my only friend suddenly as i gaze upon the night i notice the stars began to shake and dance and fall into the darkness
they exploded down. i knew what i had to do. i ran up to the top of the hill and took ahold for you
the sweetest star that fell and yes I held on to it close to the numbness in my heart
and i kissed a star. i wrapped it up inside a golden bow and i ran away just to find you.
this was your gift a star that i kissed.

6 // Michelle Branch - You Set Me Free {For all of her light, Karolina's heart is filled with darkness, and o the sweet irony that the dark, brooding girl brings her light}
you're in my heart
the only light that shines
there in the dark

7 // Jem - Flying High {Karolina is still pining}
i know, oh yes
i know that we can't
be together
but, i just like to dream
it's so strange
the way our paths have crossed
how we were brought together
hmmm, it's written in the stars it seems

8 // Melissa Fahn - The Lotus Eaters {When Karolina leaves with Xavin, Nico starts to thinking... what if...}
i'm inclined to stay
i see you in a dream
if only you had my eyes
you would know the ocean
does not seem so wise
i can not follow you home
but if i stay here in your silence
i let you slip away
i know a lie
more than i can say

9 // The Cab - One of Those Nights {Nico feels abandoned and is starting to question herself}
my flatlined inhibition is my ammunition
i'm just fighting to get by
just give me some direction
i'll be your affection
how could you leave me behind?
i'm a mess and you're worse
just give me time

10 // Ani DiFranco - School Night {But now that Karolina has Xavin, she will never admit to it}
and you'll never know, dear
just how much i loved you
you'll probably think this was
just my big excuse

11 // Panic! At The Disco - When The Day Met The Night {But in my happy little fandomland, Nico and Karolina will find each other in their hearts and their love will live on forever!}
so she said, "that's okay
as long as you can make a promise
not to break my little heart
or leave me all alone in the summer."

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1JXKARPK zip + art // copy + paste link

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