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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 26/?

Title: Strawberries 26/?
Pairing: Elphaba/Galinda, Elphaba/Fiyero
Rating: PG
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Warnings: Elphie still isn't particularly nice to Liir. But I love it.
Summary: The picture haunts Lady Glinda
Dedications: To everyone who has ever supported me in this story. To downtown_sassy for spoiling me and for reading this story even though she doesn't fangirl over wicked. To midnight_united for introducing me to Runaways. To everyone who matters for being wonderful.

Glinda glanced up at the gates of the Mauntery from the picture and back down at the piece of paper and silver. This is it. This is the place. She took a deep breath, her bosom heaving under her most conservative dress. The crisp, bustling tule beneath her skirts rustled in the cold breeze that blew, ruffling it chillingly around her knees. With a swift click of her heels together, Glinda stepped up the stairs and passed through the gates. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the little boy with shaggy blueblack hair sitting in the dust, tracing patterns in it with his fingers. "Fiyero..." she couldn't suppress the whisper that escaped her lips. The boy's head bounced up and his eyes caught hers with a familiar piercing look.

"You're she," he yelped. "The picture lady!" He scrambled to his feet and ran into the mauntery. "Mother Yackle! MOTHER YACKLE! Mother Yackle..." His voice faded as he ran further into the stone building, echoing softly off the walls.

"LIIR!" The familiar voice made a lump catch in the center of Glinda's throat. "Do you want the Mother Maunt to kick us out on our asses right before we get out of here? Mind your volume, child."

"But moth-- Sister Aelph-- The picture lady..." The boy gasped for breaths, punctuated by the clicking of Glinda's heels on the cobbled stone.

The green sister looked up sharply as the clicking stopped in the doorway. "Glinda..." She backed away as if seeing a ghost.

"Elphie! Oh Elphie, yes, it's me!"

The boy's eyebrows knitted together as he looked up at the sister, "Saint Glinda? I thought she was just a story Sister Girl told..."

Elphaba backed away slowly, holding her hands out, "No... Glinda... No you shouldn't have come!"

Thunder rumbled in the distance following a flicker of lightning. "But... Elphie... I've searched for you for years... why... don't you want... to see me?" Thunder cracked, this time closer, and Glinda could swear it was the sound of her heart breaking. But it was the next sound that made her truly feel sick.

Slick leather tapping on the cobbled stones behind her, hands clapping just out of beat with the steps. "Whyy thank you Lady Glinda. I always knew I could count on you to bring me to her. Did you really think you could sneak out of my grasp?"

Elphaba's eyes narrowed and she swung the broom up defensively. "You! You charlatan! You evil, sick little man. Get out of this place, you do not belong here."

"Oh but didn't you know?" The Wizard clapped his hands and guards appeared in the doorway behind him. "This is my land. Oz is mine... I belong anywhere I wish. Especially where a fugitive of the law and her bastard offspring lay in wait."

The Gale Forcers pushed past the Wizard and one seized Glinda by the arm, pulling her back to the wizard as the other four closed in on Elphaba. "NO! YOU LET GO OF HER, YOU-- YOU-- YOU MONSTERS!" Glinda fought against the guard, twisting and pulling while the Wizard simply laughed. She twisted hard away from the Guard and suddenly her stomach felt weightless as if she were falling.

Glinda woke with a start as she fell against the hard wood floor beside her bed, her curls the only thing padding her head which now ached dully. Glinda drew back against the bed, pulling her blanket down around her as the doors to her chambers burst open and two lightly armed Gale Forcers scrambled in.

"Lady Glinda, we heard screaming, are you--" The guards looked away, cheeks flushing at the sight of the Lady in nothing but her night dress pooled around her. "--Are you quite alright, m'lady?"

Glinda gathered her skirt and her composure as she rose up off the ground, straightening her hair. "I'm fine, men. At ease." The guards lowered their weapons at her command and relaxed slightly, though still on edge and slightly flustered at the sight of their mistress. "I'm sorry to have startled you," she continued, "I had quite a terrifying nightmare. I'm sure you understand, being pursued by the Witch as I am."

The men nodded gravely, "Don't be sorry, m'lady. It is our honor to protect you!" The two men clicked their heels together and saluted her stiffly. "Is there anything you need, Lady Glinda?"

"Just to go back to sleep. Thank you for your diligence, good sirs. You are dismissed."

The guards turned on their heels and hurried from the room, closing and locking the doors behind them. Glinda sighed deeply and settled into her fluffy bed. "Mrowl?" Malky slunk into her lap, looking up at her curiously.

Glinda gently stroked and scratched the cat's belly and looked down at her. "I'm sorry to have frightened you, Malky."

Malky stretched and nuzzled against Glinda's wrist, purring, her piercing eyes burning into Glinda's.

"That's not fair, don't look at me like that... I swear, it's as if she's..." Glinda's voice trailed off as she stared into Malky's emeraldine eyes. "Elphie...?"

A tear splashed down on the polished glass and Elphaba smiled sweetly, "You've discovered my secret sweet Glinda. I always knew you were smarter than you let on." She kissed the surface of the glass and the image of her lover rippled away until the stone was smooth and dark again. She looked down at the case of her meager belongings and set the glass softly on the few clothes in the case and snapped it shut, pulling the black pointed hat down tightly around her braided hair. "Ready, Liir?"

The boy nodded sleepily, the first light of dawn filtering through the blinds, causing him to wince severely. "Why must we leave so early?"

"Because, boy," Elphaba sighed looking up at the sun rising to the east, "There are worse things than the sun that will chase us to the west. We must leave before it's awake enough to alert the things to the east that we're leaving this place."

Liir stared up at her, his brow knit. "You're crazy."

"Yes, but I'm smarter than you. Which is why you'll be listening to me, child. Let us go. Let us leave this place."
Tags: gelphie, slash, title: strawberries, wicked

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