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FAQ 2.0 (Updated)

Alright, so, since it appears that I'm back in the saddle with this thing, I need to write a new spanky FAQ... Since this time Questions HAVE actually been asked.

[One] Jackie, Why is your community locked? Isn't the point and purpose of writing fanfic so that it can be shared with EVERYONE?
[Answered] You can thank a handful of immature, inconsiderate people for that... Basically, a few years back when I'd first started writing Wicked fic and was much, much more active in the fandom (to the point of do ing layouts and icons much more frequently than I do now) someone decided to take graphic work that I'd done personally for myself and claimed it was their original work; without any consideration for me or the work I'd done on it. I had specifically asked that no one take the work I'd done for myself, but... Some people just don't care. Well, I do. Also, down the road, someone had created a greatest journal where they used some of my personal layouts as their own, taking credit for it there too. Naturally, this vexed me, so I worked with GJ admin and had the journal shut down. I've also had some bad experiences with trolls, LJ Scraper (a bot that steals icons and graphics and redistributes them sans credit), and even plagiarizers. So now, by keeping the community locked (though I do approve 99% of new members) I can keep tabs on who is accessing my work and narrow the scope of theft possibilities.

[Two] Now, you just said 99% of users are approved... this means 1% aren't! Why wouldn't they be?
[Answered] Some people are quite rude about the fact that I keep it locked--but even after throwing verbal fists, insist I let them join. They haven't given me a good reason to, so I deny. I've also had people lose privileges by using graphics without credit, resposting chapters unlocked, and after they lose privileges, they attempt to rejoin with a sockpuppet account, and its usually obvious, so I not only deny those users, but ban them and report the sockpuppet account to LJ admin, as that is against the TOS. Also, if a user is bragging that they are under 13 (legal age to have any online account according to COPPA) I will deny them because the content for this community is more often than not PG-13 or worse and they shouldn't have access. I also report these users the LJ because I've been that kid who's too big for her britches online, and it almost got me hurt, I don't want kids to get hurt that way! :)

[Three] So... you'll let 13 year olds read your smut? WTF!
[Answered] When you were 13, you know you looked up dirty pictures whether it was online or in a playboy you found or wherever... you did it. Nowadays with pages that distribute porn for free and archives like Nifty, anyone of any age can access this stuff freely. The Wicked fandom (99% of my work) is rampant with users 13-17... I won't deny them some of my stories that aren't R or worse, and I'm not going to filter things based on age. If anyone reacts immaturely, I'll simply revoke their privileges and ban them from the community, it's that simple. So far, everyone's been pretty cool about it.

[Four] So you're pretty Zero Tolerance about flaming, immaturity, etc?
[Answered] Yep. It might sound elitist, but you don't HAVE to be in this community. I moderate, I run it, so I think it's only fair that I should decide when people are out of line. Examples of what can get you removed: Use of graphics without crediting (I will give one warning on that, though); Immature reactions to subject matter; Fighting with/Flaming/Enticing Drama with another user; etc.

[Five] So why did you stop writing RPS? Why are you strictly writing fantasy fiction and Wicked Fanfic?
[Answered] Since my involvement with Melissa Fahn and starting her fansite Mille Baci and her website MelissaFahn.com, I have developed some fantastic relationships with current and former cast members of various productions of Wicked... that kiiinda makes it strange to be writing fic about them. I'm not taking down what I have just.. not putting more up.

[Six] So now that you're back, will you be better about letting people join?
[Answered] I'm going to try to be but PLEASE remember I'm human and a student! I work 15 hours a week, I'm in class 12 hours a week, and I have schoolwork to do as well as celebrate holidays, have fun, and have days of internet outage/power outage/etc. In other words: If I don't approve you THAT DAY, the world isn't over, it just means I haven't checked my email yet. It happens. Also, I live in California now, so things will be posted on Pacific time, which means some of you might get my stuff in the middle of the night. Also, I am adding a moderator SPECIFICALLY to help me approve members, but please remember, we are BOTH human (and spend a ridiculous amount of time together so if you aren't approved fast, it's probably because we're hanging out AFK)

[Seven] What if I don't have this community on my friends list? How will I know you posted more?
[Answered] I always post mirrors in my own journal, and if it's Wicked related I post in wicked_fanfic, if it's related to another fandom, I will try to post a mirror link in the main fic community for that fandom, though right now I'm still fairly wicked-centric if it's fanfic.

[Eight] Can we be lj friends on your personal LJ?
[Answered] Honestly, I don't have a lot of time for LJ or Myspace right now, and that time I'd like to save for my close friends. If we hit it off, I'll be sure to let you know that I'm adding you, should I find the desire to do that.

[Nine] How many times have you seen/read Wicked?
[Answered] 12 times on Broadway, 2 on tour in Cleveland, 14 times in Los Angeles (+ 2 upcoming 11/27 and 12/2 to see my girl as Glinda) 28 total. + Broadway on Broadway, Wicked Wednesdays @ Universal and other sundry promotional events. I've read the book upward of five times. I never stop.

[Ten] Are you single? A/S/L? Etc?
[Answered] I'm mused. Take that how you will. I'm 23/F/SoCal. I like late nights on the beach, trips to Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier, SkeeBall, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Criminal Minds, Any and all crime drama on CBS, Any DRAMA on CBS, period, except CSI Miami (blech), and Wicked... I run two websites for Melissa Fahn, a fan and official site, I also am about to launch GinaStarbuck.com with my friend and Wicked LA Cast member, Gina Starbuck (Witches' Mother).

Any other Questions? Post them in replies, I will answer.

Also, I just took the time to clean out most posts that were irrelevant-- pimping communities, dead links, dead image links, etc, so now ALL posts are relevant or simply have content! Enjoy.
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