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Announcement and Icons

I made some Fried Green Tomatoes and Imagine Me & You icons but first I wanted to let everyone and anyone waiting for more strawberries or even more fic to know that I've been extremely busy at work and will only be getting busier... if by any stroke of chance I get inspired, perhaps I will write more, but for now, Strawberries and all fic is going to be on hold indefinitely... I know that totally sucks but i DO know where I'm going with it and I have definite plans to finish it, just not immediately... thank you all for being so patient and so NOT pushy...

Now without further ado, some slashy icons featuring Idgie and Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes and Rachel and Luce from Imagine Me and You (and some NON slashy icons featuring H from Imagine me and you)

Imagine Me & You Icons:

Fried Green Tomatoes Icons (Movie):

Textless icons are not bases. Please do not edit them without asking first ♥ Comment and Credit!

For more info and a trailer about Imagine Me & You, click the link. It's a very cute, almost shakespearean love triangle romantic comedy only with a few unconventional twists. Brilliant first movie by Ol Parker who did this film brilliantly. Very british. Very beautiful. Boo Jackson steals the movie as H ("Everyone says 'H' stands for Henrietta, but that's a lie. It stands for Jesus H. Christ, because that's what my mum said when she found out she was pregnant with me.") Also, Piper Perabo is absolutely gorgeous in this, as in everything she does. She needs to keep doing parts that are lesbianish. Loves it. GO RENT IT. Or better yet, BUY IT.
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