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Gelphie // Fic // The Rose and The Pearl (2/2)

Title: The Rose and The Pearl (2/2) (AKA Two updates within two days!?)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda (still hung up on my favorite pairing) (implied Fiyero/Elphaba... Liir comes from SOMEWHERE)
Rating: PG-13 for implied sex, language, implied child abuse (very very implied)
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
‘Verse: Combination BookVerse and MusicalVerse
Warnings: Keep a box of tissues, especially if your name is Kimmie.
Summary: Will they reunite? Will Liir stop asking why?
Dedications: Gobby for the same reasons, Kimmie for getting the twister out, Wolf for inspiring my threats. <3 Mwah.

She didn’t mean to see it. She usually tried not to and it was more often than not tucked into her high necked black dress. But when she passed the darkened window of an abandoned store, her street lamp-lit reflection betrayed what she tried to hide. The necklace had slipped out. A red rose enveloping a pearl laid against a sea of black cloth.

Years had passed since she first had that necklace placed around her neck by warm soft hands. Elphaba stepped closer to the window, reaching for the reflection as though she were reaching for another person but she disappeared as the oily shadows enveloped her. Slowly she raised a hand to the middle of her chest, touching the charm to assure herself that it was, in fact, there and not just a trick of the light.

Her heart both leapt and sank as the memory of Glinda’s promise, giving her the strange sensation of being momentarily weightless. The memory was a happy one, of course... because at that moment, Elphaba knew she was truly loved by someone and not just any someone... Glinda Upland of the Arduennas Uplands... Yet it was a sad memory because Elphaba knew that she had not fulfilled that promise and she had never seen the blonde again... nor, now living the life of an outlaw and Glinda living the life of a debutante, did it ever seem they would.

It’s just a silly necklace, Elphaba reasoned to herself. Pride kept the necklace hidden... but her human sentimentality kept it firmly around her neck. It was hers and she trusted it to me...With an exasperated huff, Elphaba shoved the necklace beneath the black collar and mounted her broomstick, ascending into the black night sky, dissapearing to everyone but one man who looked on, invisible except for only the blue diamonds tattooed into his skin glittering in the same lamp light that betrayed the green woman’s secrets. With a glint of blue, the man disappeared, smiling to himself in satisfaction that he had found who he was looking for.

It wasn’t until weeks later, when Elphaba was passing that same abandoned shop that the man made his move. He slipped out from the shadows behind her, grasping the hand that held her broom, addressing her quietly. “Elphaba...”

Elphaba froze and whipped around. “Don’t touch m-- F...Fiyero?”

“I was hoping that it wasn’t some strange stroke of coincidence that there would be two beautiful green women in Oz,” Fiyero chuckled, loosening his grip. “What happened to you, Miss Elphaba? It was quite the scandal when Glinda returned to Shiz without you, you know.”

“Well, that’s all a wicked witch is good for, isn’t it? Scandal?”

“So you’re wicked now, are you?”

“If you want the full glory of it, yes.”

“Because of course, being green isn’t glory enough.”

“Only if you find glory in a life sentence of looking queer,” Elphaba retorted sharply.

Fiyero held out his hands, light glinting off of his diamond tribal tattoos, “You forget who you’re speaking to, Elphaba. Not all of us are snowy white like dear Glinda.”

Elphaba softened, the hand holding her broom falling limp beside her. “You know that’s not how I meant it, Fiyero.”

Fiyero didn’t hear her words, taking advantage of her vulnerable pose to reach for her neck, pulling loose the necklace, staring silently for a moment. “So she did give this to you.” His voice sounded almost hurt, dismayed. With a hint of...

No, he was in love with Glinda, that’s why he sounded sad, Elphaba reasoned silently before her mind could suggest that perhaps Fiyero’s sadness was jealousy for Glinda and not the other way around.

“I haven’t seen Glinda since we graduated. I’ve heard she’s quite unhappily married,” Fiyero continued, watching the emotions cross Elphaba’s face as he spoke.

Elphaba bristled, “Why should I care?”

“Oh don’t try to be so indifferent, Elphaba. If you didn’t care you’d sell that necklace for scrap and be done with it. You love her and she loves you... Whether or not either of you know it,” he snapped.

Now Elphaba couldn’t deny the jealousy that peppered his voice, still uncertain of who it was directed toward. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Fiyero. She was just my roommate.”

“Let’s go get some coffee. We have some years to catch up.”

“I don’t drink coffee. I do, however, have some Quadling wine at home.”

Fiyero’s smile from his mouth to his eyes answered Elphaba’s questions as they disappeared back into the shadows that once hid them both.


“It’s not pink enough.” Glinda set the scarf down on the table, reaching for another one, tying it around her neck. She reached for the hand mirror again, only to see a dark hand on it. Glinda traced her eyes up the arm, pleased to see it belonged to someone with enough fashion sense to wear a well tailored coat.

“It’s good to see you again, Glinda.”

Glinda jumped, her eyes leaping up to the familiar face. “Fiyero! What... what are you doing here? Don’t you have a kingdom or tribe or something over in the Vinkus? And a wife?”

“Yes, but being prince of my tribe means I have to come do all that boring bureaucratic bullshit, doesn’t it?” Fiyero smiled a wide glittering smile matched only by his glittering diamond flecked skin.

“It’s a shame you had to go and be married when you were a kid... Marrying royalty would have done wonders for my social life,” Glinda smirked, taking the mirror from Fiyero, inspecting the scarf with a nod. “Perfect. Which means it’s perfect for me.”

“I can think of something else perfect for you...”

“They have tiaras?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of someone, actually. And really... green is more your shade, Glinda.” It was Fiyero’s turn to smirk as the color flushed out of her face and the mirror slipped from her hand, falling into the cushion of discarded scarfs. Fiyero raised his hand to her neck, gently unknotting the scarf, pulling it from her neck gingerly. “She also has something that belongs here. And... here.” He brushed his fingers along her chest, over her heart.

Glinda pulled away, her cheeks now bright pink. “Really, Fiyero, such talk and ... and... touching me like that in public, I’m a married woman.”

Fiyero scoffed, rolling his eyes. “On paper, you’re married to... Sir Chubbsy is it?”

“Sir Chuffrey.”

“Right. But in your heart? You’re married to Elphaba. You made a vow to her--” Glinda gaped, eyes wide. “--yes, she told me about that. I saw her... some time ago. She still has your necklace... and you still have her heart.”

“She’s alive?”

“You know that as well as I... you’re well connected with the Wizard... You know she’s a wanted woman,” he chuckled softly. “And I don’t just mean wanted by you.”

Glinda blushed again, “Really, Fiyero, it was nothing more than college lust. I was a silly child.”

“Convince yourself what you want... but she misses you and she loves you. Besides, you’re missing out on really great sex and that I can tell you for a fact.” Fiyero smirked, setting the scarf back in Glinda’s hands. “Good day, Lady Chuffrey.”


The little boy was trailing behind Elphaba, kicking pebbles that occasionally pelted the backs of her legs. “You can really stop that, you know...”

“There’s nothing better to do,” he complained.

Stupid whining child... she thought with a groan. “You could make yourself useful, Liir.”

“And do what?”

“I don’t know, something useful. Here, carry my book.”

“But it’s heavy,” he whined again.

“Well then be glad I’m not asking you to carry me.”

There was a moment of silence save for the shuffling of Liir’s feet and squeak of Elphaba’s leather boots. “Why do you wear that dumb necklace?” Liir’s voice broke the silence, lacking its usual whine for once.

“None of your business.”

“You never take it off. Not even when you sleep. You hold it a lot too, what does it mean? Who gave it to you?”

“Children who ask too many questions get fed to wolves, did you know that?”

“Did my father give it to you?”

“I think I see a wolf ahead,” Elphaba said vaguely.

Liir scowled, kicking a pebble square at the back of her leg, missing horribly. “Is it from the person you talk to in your dreams?”

“I don’t dream,” she replied stiffly. “Now be quiet or I will find a wolf.”

“You do dream. You talk to someone in your dreams. Someone named Glinda.”

Elphaba remained silent. Liir walked silently alongside her.

Again it was the boy who broke the silence, “Was she beautiful?”

“Of course.”

“Do you love her? Or do you love my father?”

“I don’t love.”

“Then why do you wear that stupid necklace?”

Elphaba didn’t reply, she merely howled softly and Liir stopped asking questions, quietly taking her booksack.


The wind whipped through Elphaba’s hair as she flew low over the moonlight housetops in the center of the emerald city. A sudden gust sent her hat, the same hat she’d kept since Shiz, flying from her, landing with a flop on a nearby terrace.

Elphaba groaned, wrapping her cloak tightly around herself, flying back to the house. Her feet touched the ground almost silently, reaching for the hat. Another gust blew the hat just out of her reach. “Come here you stupid hat,” she whispered, grasping the tip of it, her arm brushing a potted plant that was perched precariously on the ledge. It teetered and fell towards her, hitting the terrace floor loudly, shattering. “Well fuck,” she groaned, grasping her broom as the windows along the house lit.

Her feet were about to leave the ground when the curtains flew open and the light hit her brightly and she threw her hands over her eyes, unsure if she was shielding them from the light or shielding herself from sight.

Glinda peered out of the window, frozen in place, convinced she was still dreaming. A green woman swathed in black standing on her terrace? No... She must still be dreaming. But then... she saw it. The sparkle of red and shimmer of white against the sea of black. She touched the window pane, her lip trembling. “Elphaba?” Shaking her head, she unlocked the window, lifting it slowly. “Elphaba... is that... it can’t be...”

Elphaba lowered her arms, looking at the silhouette, the voice echoing in her ears, the same as the day they said goodbye. “Glinda?”

The shrill squeal that followed was all the answer she needed. Glinda threw open the door to the terrace, running out, throwing her arms around the other woman. “Oh, sweet Oz, Elphaba... It’s really you!” She pulled back, her eyes glistening with unshed tears, raising her hand to touch the familiar green face before her. She leaned forward, pressing her lips firmly against the dark green lips before her.

Elphaba stiffened slightly before relaxing, kissing her back slowly before pulling away. She reached behind her own neck, unclasping the necklace, suddenly feeling naked and exposed without the now familiar weight. “I have something that belongs to you.”

Glinda grasped Elphaba’s wrists, pushing them back towards her. “Keep it. That way, I’ll still have a promise to keep.”

Elphaba smiled, clasping the necklace back around her neck, wordlessly scooping the petite blonde back into her arms, kissing her firmly. “You’d damn well better keep that promise some day.”

“I will,” she smiled. “Glinda Upland always keeps her promises. But... you ought to go... It’s supposed to rain.”

Elphaba nodded and mounted her broom, dissapearing into the darkness, watching the glow of the terrace until it was just a pinprick of light against the darkening sky.

Once back at Kiamo Ko, Elphaba crept quietly into her sleeping chamber, trying not to wake Liir. Chanting softly, she waved a hand over an unlit candle, jumping when it lit to reveal Liir sitting on her bed, waiting for her. “You look different.”

She shrugged, “Do I?”

Liir smiled wisely, “Yes. You look like you’re dreaming, only awake. But you’re still wearing that stupid necklace.”

“It’s not stupid, really. And I think I am dreaming... for now.”
Tags: fiyero/elphaba, fluff, gelphie, het, slash, title: the rose and the pearl

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