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Gelphie // Fic // The Rose and The Pearl (1/2)

Title: The Rose and The Pearl (1/2)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda (still hung up on my favorite pairing), implied Glinda/Fiyero
Rating: PG (tamer than a cowardly lion)
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
‘Verse: Combination BookVerse and MusicalVerse
Warnings: Keep a box of tissues, especially if your name is Kimmie.
Summary: After a disastrous trip to see the Wizard, Elphaba and Glinda part ways... with a promise. Based on my favorite passage of Wicked, the novel, (The very last page of part two, Elphaba and Glinda's farewell.)
Dedications: To my Gobstopper because she will know exactly how and why she's the inspiration to this story. To my squishy for reading through it for me and offering to drop a house on me if i don't finish it. To everyone else for putting up with my bullshit... For the record, Strawberries isn't dead, it's just cryogenically frozen until i'm ready to write more or kick its ass. <3 ^_^ you love me, and you know it.

Elphaba kneeled down in front of the Wizard’s worn book, running her long green fingers over the pages. “What funny writing...” she murmured, trailing off. She glanced up at Glinda briefly, hoping her own fear didn’t show in her eyes. Glinda bit her lip and nodded encouragingly, her own fears betrayed by her delicate white fingers tangled in the whitegold chain of her beloved necklace.

Elphaba took a deep breath, nudging her hat back out of her eyes with the back of her wrist, looking back down to focus on the swirling black and green writing. “Aben tate...” she started, her voice barely above a harsh whisper.

Glinda bit down harder on her lip, her fingers crossed and entwined in the chain of her necklace, pulling the chain taut against the soft skin of her neck as Elphaba spoke in a language neither the girls nor the Wizard understood.

Chistery, the Wizard’s monkey servant perched high above Elphaba on the top of the wizard’s throne suddenly threw himself to the floor with a tortured scream. His redorange arms flailed over his shoulders, reaching for nothingness, grasping at air then suddenly with a loud confusion of fluttering and screams, shocking brownblue wings tore from his back.

Elphaba scrambled back over the smooth green marble floor of the Wizard’s chambers, one bony hand clutched over her mouth, which was wide open with horror, the other grasping at the ancient book. “What’s wrong with him! Show me how to undo it... show me how to fix him!”

The Wizard opened his mouth and then closed it, shrugging hopelessly. “Spells are un-reversable... I’m sorry, Elphaba, there’s nothing we can do... but look... how amazing and on your first try!”

“He’s in pain! I’ve hurt him...” she reached a trembling hand out for Chistery who screamed and ran behind the Wizard’s legs, clutching his shoulders, shaking.

“It’s all in the name of progress, Elphaba,” the Wizard said with a shaky chuckle. “He’ll be fine besides which, he’s just an Animal...”

“JUST?! Just... and you are just a horrible old man! You can’t even read this can you?” Elphaba stood, clutching the book to her wildly heaving chest, her heart and mind both racing. “You can’t do any of this! You’re no Wizard...”

A pained look crossed his worn and wrinkled face as the Wizard closed his eyes, taking off his glasses. “No... I can’t... but with your help we can bring peace to Oz and rid the land of it’s Animal problem, don’t you see?”

“No! You horrible... you wicked old man...” Elphaba backed against the door, trembling hand reaching for the handle.

“Elphie, what are you doing?!” cried Glinda.

“I won’t. I won’t help him destroy the Animals. I can’t. I won’t.” Elphaba pushed the door open, flinging herself into the hallway as quickly as her feet would carry her.

Horrified, Glinda turned toward the crestfallen old man settled into the throne, “I’ll go find her your Wizardness... I’ll fetch her back for you!”

The Wizard nodded and pressed a green flask to his lips. “Of course. Right...” Glinda slipped from the room, running awkwardly on her brand new Gillikinese high heels. For the first time in her life, Glinda couldn’t catch sight of her green friend, lost in the sea of emerald clad Ozians. “ELPHABA!” she cried, hoping to catch sight of the familiar verdigris. Raising to the tips of her toes, Glinda could barely see over the heads of anyone. “ELPHABA THROPP!”

The twitch of a tall black hat ahead of her in the crowd gave her away and Glinda pushed her way through the crowd in a manner that would surely send her mother into a fit. “Oh the hell with mother,” she grumbled to herself at the thought, shoving aside a young Bear cub. Glinda reached forward, grasping at Elphaba’s thin and bony elbow. “Elphaba Thropp, you stop right now. How in the Hell am I supposed to get home if you’re the only one who knows the way!”

Elphaba turned on her heel, tears running down her cheeks, leaving bright trails that clashed against her emerald skin. “Oh, right, sorry, I forgot that this was all about YOU,” she snapped.

Glinda softened, “Oh Elphie... you’re crying...” The small blonde pulled Elphaba closer, pulling out a handkerchief to dab the tears away.

Reluctantly, Elphaba let her dab at her tears. “People are staring...” she whispered.

“You act like that’s new or something,” Glinda smiled, kissing her cheeks gently. “There, all better... now let’s go back and apologize to the Wizard...” Glinda pulled at Elphaba’s hand but she didn’t move, just shaking her head.

“No. I’m not going back, Glinda.”

“What in Oz name are you talking about, Elphaba,of COURSE you’re going back.”

“No... no, I’m not. I’m not going back to the Wizard... and I’m not going back to Shiz. This isn’t the place for me. I have to go fight for the Animals... for what I believe in. I... this is goodbye, Glinda,” Elphaba grasped Glinda’s hands in hers, looking into her eyes. “I’m sorry, Glinda... I just... I can’t live their lie.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

No, Elphaba wanted to say. No, It’s too dangerous... I’m too dangerous. “Of course you will...”

“Promise me!” Glinda said, tears welling in her eyes. “Promise me that I’ll see you again. That I’ll know you’re safe and alive.”

“I can’t promise that...”

“You can and you will, Elphaba Thropp.”

“Oh, Oz... don’t cry, Glinda... You won’t miss me.” Elphaba tried to force a smile, but her heart and face just wouldn’t agree. “Besides, you have Pfannee and ShenShen... and Fiyero.”

“Elphie, you know that I’ll miss you. Do I have to remind you how much I’ll miss you?”

Elphaba’s cheeks darkened in a sort of blush, “Glinda...”

The smaller girl pulled away, her hands fumbling at the back of her neck. “Fine, if you won’t promise me, then I’ll promise you.” She pulled her hands away from her neck, holding the precious whitegold necklace, a simple red rose grasping a pure white pearl in the middle of the bloom dangling from the chain. “Take this. Wear it with the promise that one day we will meet again and you’ll give it back.”

Elphaba’s eyes widened. No, I can’t take that from you! or But, Glinda, that’s your favorite necklace she wanted to say. “But... It clashes with my skin...”

Glinda smiled in spite of herself. “You’re incorrigible, Elphie. Now here...” She circled her arms around Elphaba’s neck, clasping the necklace which, true enough, did contrast brightly against her bright green skin. “There. Beautiful...”

A tear splashed against Glinda’s hand as she pulled it away and she looked up to see Elphaba crying again. Glinda threw her arms around the taller girl, holding her close, letting her own tears run. “I’m going to miss you.”

Elphaba pulled away, trying to remain calm, “No you aren’t. You’re going to go back to Shiz and live your life the way you would if none of this had ever happened. You’ve sealed it yourself... I will see you agian.” Elphaba backed away, turning and pushing through the crowd, dissapearing in seconds.

Glinda stood still in one spot, her arms still half out from the short-lived embrace. “I love you,” she whispered into the crowd merging around her.
Tags: fiyero/glinda, fluff, gelphie, het, slash, title: the rose and the pearl, wicked

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