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RPS // Idina/Kristin // Fic // What Dreams May Come

Title: What Dreams May Come, sequel to Breaking and Entering.
Pairing: Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel
Rating: NC-17, the only way to go
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: I don't know Kristin Chenoweth or Idina Menzel (though I have met them on a few occasions), They are (to the best of my knowledge) not sleeping together and this probably didn't happen this morning. However, it being a free country, we can dream it as long as we put a pretty disclaimer before it.
Warnings: Girlsex, graphic right from the getgo. I really do mean the getgo. This fic starts off as straight up lesbian sex.
Summary: Idina surprises Kristin for her birthday
Dedications: Only one dedication for right now, and that is to galindafication's mother for being the only crackwhore I've ever seriously considered killing. Writing hot sex lets off the steam from my anger towards her. She really needs to die.

I gasped loudly, grasping the shimmering blue ruffles of my Glinda dress. She tore my hose off. “Lift,” she ordered in a husky, show worn voice. I lifted my hips obediently and she slid the light blue lace panties off, throwing them over her shoulder into some dark, shadowed corner of the prop room. I laid back against the soft prop-bed, arching my hips as her tongue snaked along my outer lips, her hands grasping my hips tightly, green nails raking my skin. I struggled to sit up, one arm propping my body up as the other pushed her tall, pointed hat off so I could run my hands through her hair and pull her closer. She raised her eyes to meet mine as she bit down on my clit. I screamed in pleasure, throwing my head back, my tiara clattering to the floor. She wrenched to fingers deeply into me, twisting them fast and hard. “Be quiet, Kristin,” she murmured, “Someone might hear you. They catch us fucking in costume and I’m fucked.”

“I’m sorry baby,” I whispered, running a gentle hand along her smooth, green jaw. I pulled her up slowly, her fingers still working around inside of me, and kissed her mouth gently. I pulled back and smiled, “I love you, Idina.”

“I love you too, Kris,” she smiled and kissed me again deeply, our tongues moving together as she added another finger. I gasped and moaned into her mouth, holding her impossibly closer. She pulled away slightly, kissing my earlobe gently.
Tears slowly ran down my cheeks. “Dee… Is this going to be the last time… that we…”

“Of course not. You might be leaving the show but we’ll never stop. I promise you that." She kissed my neck gently and I moaned softly.

Slowly I drifted into reality, away from the sweet memory dream of last Sunday, realizing that there was, indeed, something wet and warm on my neck. I swatted gently, half asleep, “Shoo, Maddie, I was having a good dream.” The licking didn’t stop, so I sat up, frustrated, “Maddie you stop-“ I paused, in the middle of chastising.

Idina smiled at me from where she was laying. “Not quite Maddie,” she beamed, eyes sparkling. There was a tray at the end of the bed with a full breakfast of strawberry covered French toast, sausage, eggs, orange juice, and a cup of tea. Idina sat up, circling her arms around my waist, thoroughly amused still that I’d mistaken her for my dog. “Happy birthday, sweetie.”

“Oh, Dee… What’s all this?” I scooted back against the headboards and Idina moved the tray closer. “Did you make all this?”

“If I said yes, would you believe me?” She smiled cutely.

“No,” I replied, tickling her gently, “because I’ve seen you try to cook.”

“You’re no fun. I did make the tea and the orange juice… and I put the topping on the toast. Taye made the rest.”

“How did you get in?”

“You’re not the only one who knows how to copy a set of keys, Chenoweth.” She grinned, kissing me gently. “Don’t worry, no one has them but me and about half the Glitter fan club.”

“Oh ha, ha.”

Idina cuddled me as I ate, occasionally singing softly or eating something off my fork. When I finished, she set the tray down on the floor and straddled my thighs. “You got a little… schmutz…” she giggled, leaning forward, licking my lower lip gently, eliciting a small moan from me. “So what dream did I wake you up from?”

“Mmm… a dream of last Sunday. After the show…”

“Before or after Norbert walked in on us with his video camera?”

I blushed at the memory, “Before! That was so embarrassing. I hope he deleted it.”

“I doubt he did.” Idina grasped the sides of my night shirt, lifting it over my head gently.

I glanced at the clock and looked up at Idina, who was in the middle of taking her own shirt off. “Baby, don’t you have to be at the theater for the matinee in an hour?”

“Yeah, but I skipped yoga and Eden knows I might be late. Just lay back and let me give you your birthday present.”

“As if christening the first row of rear mezz after the party wasn’t present enough? As if seven amazing months as your lover isn’t enough? You don’t have to give me anything, Idina…”

“I know, Kris, but I want to give you this,” she slowly pushed me back, leaning down to place gentle kisses on my breasts, suckling and nibbling on my nipples alternately. I gasped softly as a shiver ran up my back. Idina kissed her way up to my mouth, kissing me sweetly. When she pulled away to remove her skirt and skimpy leopard print panties, I leaned up, taking one of her hard, chocolate-chip-like nipples into my mouth, sucking on it like a babe looking for milk. She cradled my head with one hand, the other holding me up gently. I leaned back, laying flat on the bed. Idina spread my legs slowly, leaning down and kissing my thighs tenderly, zigzagging up until she placed a gentle kiss on the folds of skin between my legs. I gasped, tangling my fingers in her thick curls in an effort to bring her closer. She darted her tongue quickly between the folds, brushing over my throbbing clit and dipping quickly into me. I gasped, my foot twitching, kicking to the side of the bed, knocking over the almost empty cup of orange juice. Idina’s tongue dipped deep inside me, soon being joined by two more fingers.

I gasped and whimpered. “Good Lord, Deeeee… are you trying to kill me?!” I squeaked.

She replied with a twist of her fingers as she pulled out her tongue, kissing up to my clit and taking a swift, sweet bite at it. “Of course not baby.” She kissed my thigh gently as she added a third finger, before retracing her kisses back down. “I love you…” She murmured softly as she kissed the heat where her fingers entered my body.

“I love you toooo,” I gasped, writhing beneath her. As she moved faster and faster, I could feel my insides twisting and aching for the release she was bringing me closer and closer to with every flick of her tongue, nip of her teeth, and twisted bend of her fingers. My breath hitched and my breasts heaved as she kissed up my body, slowly taking each nipple between her lips to bite down and nibble. I gasped again, crying out her name as wave after wave of passion washed over me. She kissed back down my body and cleaned me slowly, taking time to lick every last drop of pleasure up.

I pulled her up so she was laying beside me and she kissed my lips softly, sharing the fruits of her labor. I kissed her back slowly. She broke the kiss, smiling sweetly. “Happy birthday, Kristin,” she whispered, kissing my forehead. And happy it was. When she left, I noticed a small package on the bedside table, wrapped in pink sparkly paper and a purple ribbon. I pulled the ribbon off slowly, tearing the paper away to reveal a video tape labeled only “Happy Birthday, love Norbert and Idina.”

Tags: idina/kristin, rps, slash, smut, title: what dreams may come

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