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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 21/?

Title: Strawberries 21/?
Pairing: Elphaba/Galinda, Elphaba/Fiyero
Rating: PG this time around, kiddies
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Warnings: Tissue may be Necessary
Summary: Elphaba makes a shocking revelation to Glinda, finds a memory
Dedications: To galindafication for telling me that if Gregory Maguire ever read this, he'd like it. That would officially be the day that I fall over and die, though. To leavethepieces, marianlibrarian, and galindafication for making Mr. Mallet and to the rest of you for making me not have to use Mr. Mallet.
Note: Call me indecisive, Call me an impatient bugger, Call me god, whatever, I got this finished and I just couldn't NOT post it, So I figure since 33 is Idina's age, it must be a magic number and that's quite a good number of responses to the survey so FUCK IT, I'm posting the fics. Good little cherubs. If you haven't done the survey, please, still do it. You won't be punished. Without further ado...

I looked into Glinda’s eyes, sparkling with tears. “What have they done with him?” I sat up a bit too quickly, getting a little light headed. Nanny pushed me back down against the plush pillows. “Please, tell me he’s alright, tell me they haven’t hurt him!”

“I don’t know what they’ve done with him, Elphie… I don’t know where they took him or what they’re doing, all I know is… when I went to the Wizard to tell him what happened, the captain of the force was talking to him… they’d searched your apartment and found a Winkie man who claimed he was waiting for his lover. Waiting for you Elphaba. They… took him into custody. That’s all I know.” Glinda ran a slow, soft hand over my cheek.

I leaned into the touch, trying my hardest not to cry when I spoke. “Glinda… I’m pregnant. With Fiyero’s baby.” I looked up into her eyes, “I have to save him. I don’t know… how but, I have to.”

Nanny shook her head, “No you don’t, Elphaba. You’re not leaving that bed until you’re well. Glinda, dear, watch over her? I need to go rest.”

“No! Glinda needs to return to the Emerald City. People will get suspicious if she’s missing now. After… after what happened.” I swallowed thickly.

Shell frowned, folding his arms as Nanny waddled away, “Elphaba, what have you done? Why would the Gale Force be hunting you like this… taking your lovers into custody?”

I looked up at him, saddened by the fear and anger in his eyes. “I… I’ve been involved in this movement… I… I killed people. I’m a wanted woman, Shell, that’s why I have to leave. Glinda has to go back to the Emerald City because they know that she was on my list and if she’s missing they’ll claim I killed her. And if they’re looking for her, they can’t find us together.”

Shell nodded sadly. “Rest here for the night, then Nanny and I will accompany you to the Vinkus. Nessa can handle herself for now. Come on, Glinda, I can show you a fast way back to the City.”

Glinda looked up at Shell. “Can you give us a few minutes to say goodbye?” Shell nodded curtly, leaving the room silently.  Glinda sat gently on the bed beside me, pulling me close. “Elphaba, you be careful, please… I can’t lose you forever. Tell me this won’t be our last goodbye… promise me that we’ll be together again some day. You, me, and Fiyero. Please…” Her voice was trembling and there were fat tears resting precariously on her eyelashes.

I shook my head slowly and she sobbed, the tears leaking down her cheeks. “I can’t make that promise, Glinda… I can’t promise what will happen to me. But I can promise… Look at me, Glinda.” Her gaze, which had lowered when she sobbed, snapped back up to meet mine. “I can promise that I will be careful and that I will try my damnedest to return to your arms and Fiyero’s. Come hell or high water.”

Glinda sniffled, touching my cheek with a smile, “Well we’d better hope its hell and not high water, because we might never see you again.”

We both laughed softly and she wiped her eyes. A heavy silence fell over us, the silence of dread, fear, and denial. I reached for her slowly, cupping her chin and slowly pulling her closer. We kissed slowly, pouring every emotion we had into it, our tongues dancing a slow, mournful waltz. When our lips parted, I closed my eyes. “Go. Get home and please be safe. Let the Wizard protect you until I can send some contact to you. Don’t believe any of the rumors that they’ll try to spread, just keep faith that I might be alive.”

“I love you,” she murmured softly, standing from the bed and walking out silently.

I stood from the bed, ignoring the dizziness, walking to the window to watch Shell leading Galinda away from the house. I rested against the bookshelf beside the window, running an idle hand over the books as I watched them disappear into the cornfields. I sighed, stepping back. Something caught my eye by my hand and I grasped the spine of an old, yet familiar looking book. I pulled it out slowly as a memory flitted through my mind…

I sat on the floor, chubby toddler legs crossed as I ran thick green fingers over the pages of the heavy book Turtle Heart had set before me. “The words are like to magic, you are liking of them, Fabala?” I gazed up at the dark red-skinned man, unable to respond because of the scarf tied around my head. The letters swirled around the page, changing here and there, none of them legible to a two year old girl. Turtle Heart lifted me onto his knee, untying the scarf gently. “You are not to be biting Turtle Heart, okay, Fabala?” I nodded earnestly, opening my mouth as soon as he untied it. I babbled some childish nonsense, patting the pages roughly, demanding him to read to me. “I cannot to read this language. It is the language of magicking, of sorcerering.” I leaned forward, pressing my cheek against the book, staring at the swirling letters as if trying to understand it more. “Melena calls this book ‘The Grimmerie’. She was buying it from a man who come to sell things. She cannot to read it either. You are liking of this book, little Fabala?” I cooed, nodding, transfixed with the flowing letters. “Then it is to be your book, little Fabala. One days, this book is to be your book.”

I sat on the bed, holding it in my lap. I let go of the cover, letting it fall open in front of me, the familiar letters swirled before me but slowed, foreign words revealing themselves to me one at a time. One page after the other, I thumbed through the pages, catching bits of phrases I knew from my studies until I found what I was looking for—a spell to save Fiyero. I took a deep breath and began my incantation, chills and dizziness washing over me until, as I murmured the last word, I collapsed back on the bed again and blackness engulfed me.
Tags: gelphie, slash, title: strawberries, wicked

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