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Imaginative [.Icons.]

icons of everything...

Imaginative Icons
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1.// COMMENT. If you are taking any icons, please!!

2.// CREDIT IS NECESSARY. I spend WAY too much time making these icons and just a little credit to my icon journal (or my personal) would be really APPRECIATED. Either in your icon's keyword or note.

3.// NO HOTLINKING. Hotlinking is rude. Upload it to your own server (or photobucket, whatever) or FEEL THE WRATH OF ME. If I find you hotlinking, I will find a way for you not to use that particular icon on my server.

4.// NO STEALING ICONS AND CLAIMING THEM AS YOUR OWN. That's just rude and you'll look stupid anyway.

5.// NO ALTERING ICONS. If you want custom, ask me and if I have time. I MIGHT.

6.// ENJOY! :)