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Can anyone explain what the deal is with all of the Ima Robot songs that aren't on their CDs?

I was trying to organize my Ima Robot music, most of its downloaded -not from a cd, and I had so much trouble figuring out which song goes to which CD.

For example Love is a Boombox, No Control, Twist & Shout, Sex Symbols on Parade, Ages of Ruin, The Beat Goes On and I'm a Bitch for You don't seem to come from any particular album or LP...

I found this ((http://imarobot.music.mindviz.com/#SUB)) which let me download a whole bunch of songs I'd never even heard of but still no idea where they're coming for...

Does anyone know where the missing albums are?
Or have an exhaustive list of songs not on Ima Robot, Monument to the Masses or Search and Destroy?
Or information on where I can get/download them from?

Thanks so much,
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Anyone know where I can find pics of different robot "guts" or innards and like joilts for arms and things?
I am making my friend a hoodie for X-mas that loks like a robot skeleton and guts. Kinda like the secen kids ribcage and heart hoodies.

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Name: autumn
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i dont know if this has been posted yet but i read a little while back on the prp that ima robot just got one one of the guys from junior senior. i dont remember which one of the guys or who left ima robot though lol.
teen angst!

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Name: Jenna
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nice to meet you all.

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Name: samantha elizabeth
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