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and that made all the difference

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Community topics: poetry, lyrics, songs, poems

Moderated by: twelveounces (kelsey)

1. If you would like to use a poem someone has posted that they wrote, you MUST get permission from them, not me, by either contacting them or posting a comment. If you are found using a poem without permission, you will be kicked out of this community.

2. Be open to criticism, not everyone has the best ways of saying they don't like a poem.

3. All topics should be related to poetry, and no fighting or arguing about outside topics. Debates about poetry are allowed as long as they are done in a civil manner.

4. Try to give constructive feedback as much as possible. Please no comments that just say, "I don't like it." or "I like it." The authors deserve to hear the reasons you like or dislike their work. And if you want feedback then say it somewhere in your post.

5. Everyone who joins the community is expected to spread it. If you know other poetry communities or people who are into poetry please tell them.

If you have any feedback or ideas to improve this community please contact me, twelveounces. You can e-mail me at Carebears728@aol.com but I prefer you contact me through livejournal.

Thankyou and welcome to _ilovepoetry_