Wow, so when was the last time this thingy was UPDATED. I mean, fosho. You all have MySpaces, so there's really no need for LJ. Cause LJ is soooo last decade.

(Updated as of 2006-07)

Name: Renae St. John
Grade: Junior
Interests: Music, singing, acting, writing, drawing, dreaming.

The end. :P

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Hahahahhaa oh man.

I stumbled upon this. I don't go to your highschool but I live in Griswolddd. I'm homeschooled yo. So do you have to go to school to join?

Uh. It's kind of weird that Griswold has a community.

I've been living here since 2002, we moved here from Groton, my Dad's in the Navy, so we kind of move around a lot. I live riiiight in front of Glasgo Pond. Anyway...

Introduce Yourself
Name: Caitlin
Grade: 12 in the fallll.
Interests: Indie stuff. Music, movies, whatevz. I'm really into Styrofoam (the singer) right now and The Moldy Peaches and of Montreal and Islands. The town of Bristol owns my heart though, all my bffls in CT live there pretty much. Or Groton or Waterford... or Old Saybrook. I take back the Bristolbffl thing. Enough about me, tell me about yooouuu.


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Nice to meet you!

Hey there!!

Name: Rachael Kenowski
Grade: Sophomoro!

Other stuff: HOLY man!


>Hanging out with friends
>talking with anyone who will talk back
>my boyfriend
>country music
>constructive critizism
>chicken nuggets
>faith in something and hope
>typing on my computer..lol
>the thought of one day getting married
>abstinence until then
>and well basically a lot more..


<Fake people <People who think they are better <Seafood <People who cheat on their boy/girlfriends <Reading <skany hoe bags <people who have no respect for themselves <people with no respect <church <hypocrites <my dad <immature assholes <and well basically a lot more.. Music: +Kenny Chesney +Tim McGraw +Dierks Bently +Diamond Rio +Reba McEntire +Martina McBride +Craig Morgan +Brad Paisley +Bowling For Soup +Christina Aguilera +Kelly Clarkson +Good Charlotte +and well basically anything!
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Name: Shauna Harrington
Grade: 10
Interests: Running, singing, dancing, reading, writing, laughin', havin' a good time, hangin' out, you know
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Name: Amy Pomo
Grade: 12
Interests: Pro Wresling, Jesus, Cats (The musical), Hiking, Swimming, Fishing, Voluntering at elderly homes, & Hanging out with friends. [[If you think i'm serious, You're an idiot.]]
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Hey guys!

First off I'd like to address what you may be thinking:
Why the hell would anybody make a Griswold community?

a. To talk, obviously.
b. Homework help, issues, etc.
c. I personally think it's due time to unite.

I'm sure there's a lot more things that you can use this community for. If you have any problems or anything make sure you talk to me. I am the moderator and that makes me better than you :) Haha. Well, that makes me better than you in the community. If you join then introduce yourself. There's a little thing on the userinfo that seems like the easiest way to do this.

I'll start mine.

Name: Aimee Boyd
Grade: Sophomore
Interests: Reading, video games, acting, singing, music, and movies

Wasn't that hard, eh? We'll I'll end there.

Spread the word.