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Sarcophagus Girl

dedicated to the worship of she of the blue hair and spiffy leather jumpsuit

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PLACED ON MODERATED MEMBERSHIP 6/11/12. Sorry, the spam on LJ is getting beyond a joke. Send me a private message telling me you're a genuine fan and I'll make sure you get added. - roseveare

This community is for the posting of fic (slash, het, gen), links, discussion and anything and everything relevant to the character of Illyria on Angel the Series. Please do join, post fic, new or old, cross-postings welcome. The whole idea is to create a place for fans and fan media of Illyria to gather.

Your friendly neighbourhood moderator is roseveare. The evil mod hat is not worn very often, but please use cut tags for long posts/large or many images, cut tag and clearly mark anything with an adult rating, and generally stay on-topic and play nice. ;)

As of 5/10/04 - please do not post on this community direct links to any video, image or media files that are not your own. Link instead to the web page they can be found on. This allows the community to see the rest of the artist's/host's site, and also avoids committing bandwidth theft. Equally, do not embed images located on sites that do not belong to you into posts. All posts that ignore these rules will be deleted.

For those not sure how, cut-tag like so:

[lj-cut text="this will appear in brackets on the entry"]Your cut-tagged material (pictures, text, whatever) here.[/lj-cut]

replacing [ ] with < >

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(please post any links you have or come across, and I'll put 'em here.)