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_illcoveryou's Journal

Jesse x Wilson/Collins x Angel
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Welcome my fellow friends who support JxW! At last, the first and only community dedicated to the awesome-we-wish-it-is-canon love between Jesse L. Martin and Wilson Jermaine Heredia, known more commonly as Tom Collins and Angel Dumott Schunard from RENT! This community is sort of a spurr of the moment deal so if things seem a bit off, forgive me. I'm trying. We accept fanart, fanfictions, icons and little rants about the pairing. We would also like you to introduce yourself when you join.


Random Information You Should Know
Creator: Alice
Created on: September 29, 2005
Tagline: Because they are cute too.
Alternate Universe: AU stories are excepted and encouraged if they are original. I myself write them.
Songfics: Also excepted and encouraged. I write almost nothing but songfics.
Mischellanous: I like muffins. ^^


1.) Be civil to each other. Don't act like a five-year old. Please. Just don't. And remember, flaming, bashing, trolling or anything to that effect will NOT be tolerated.
2.) No non-Jesse or Wilson or Collins or Angel or RENT related posts. Advertising other communities is allowed as long as it is RENT(Collins/Angel, mainly) or Jesse and/or Wilson related.
3.) Collins/Angel related fanfics or art or posts are accepted, obviously, but we'd prefer a bit more J/W.
4.) Stealing other people's fanart will not be tolerated. If at all possible, ask the artist for permission. If there is a DO NOT USE ART warning on the artists site then you must ask. And for the record, photo manips do count as fanart and can be posted.
5.) Listen to Alice. She is God. ^^
6.) No pointless posts.


Fanfiction, Fanart and Icons
Fanfictions should be placed behind an LJ-cut. Post the information in this format:
Fandoms: Optional unless its a crossover story.
Type of fic: Crossover, songfic, AU, etc.
Author's Notes: Optional.

Fanart must also be posted behind an LJ-cut, not matter how small.
If you have more than four icons they must be posted behind an LJ-cut as well.


The journals layout was made by __incendiarywit.


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