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The Beginning...

Ok so you've made it. The place looks a bit empty right? Well that's because I've just started it. I imagine it'll take a bit to gain steam and start rolling. But don't let that stop you or hinder you in using it for what it is here for... advice.

Now, I don't claim to have all the answers. What I do claim is to take time to help you find them, to the best of my ability... I am only human of course. Credentials? Well... I'd like to say I'm all knowing and that's my credentials. But unfortunately, I'm just like you... traveling and learning as I go. I've been lucky enough to have a broad range of experiences in my life that allow me to have just a tad more wisdom with each one I endure. And maybe... just maybe, I can pass it along to you.

I've left the 'anonymous' option on for people who don't want their identities known. And I'm not here to make an example out of you or hunt you down. This place should be somewhere, where you feel comfortable talking and asking questions. If that means without a name on the post, then that's how it goes.

When the community starts to get bigger with more members, I imagine that not only will you have me offering you advice, but others as well. The way society should be, a helpful society, a caring society.

However, with that comes responsibility. There will be issues talked about on here that you may or may not agree with or like. But this community and its members will not push or pressure their beliefs/ideals/morals on any other member. Advice is one thing, but a line is always drawn when it morphs into pressure or pushing. We're all different, and that's a good thing... remember that.

As not to get confusing please make sure you read the info for "Ill Advised" first before you do post. Since this is my advice column of sorts, please refrain from jumping in before I get a chance to reply to the poster. I welcome the advice from others, but please be patient when doing so.

Ok lastly, the name. You're asking why I picked that huh? Well, I'm not going to lie. It was catchy, and an attempt at being creative. "Ill Advised" sounds a lot more creative then "Ask Jen".

Welcome, and thanks for coming.

- Jen