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Ill Advised
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Ill Advised

What Is This Community?

This is a community I created as an advice column of sorts here on LiveJournal. While I realize that there are several of this type of community here, I wanted to try at it from my viewpoint and bring a different perspective to it.

This will be, by no means, a 'Dear Abby' type of advice column. I will not sugar-coat my answers to your questions. If you're looking for someone to tell you the sky is always blue and that the birds always sing morning hymns, I'm probably not the person to ask advice to.

I will be honest and to the best of my ability give you helpful advice. I will try to not be opinionated, biased, or have any pre-conceived notions in regards to your questions. I think this is an important trait a lot of advice columnists do not adhere to.

I will give each question the same time and energy or research devoted to it. If it is something that I myself cannot answer I will try and research the subject to be as helpful as I can.

Who Are You?

Name: Jen
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Location: Detroit, MI
Occupation: By day I am an Office Manager, but I am also by night and free time, a writer.

What I Am Not:

Doctor - This is the disclaimer that I am not a medical or otherwise doctor, or medical professional. If you have questions in regards to medical matters, realize that I do not have any medical degree and in all cases you should consult your doctor first.

Lawyer - This is a disclaimer that I am not an attorney/solicitor/legal professional and do not have a law degree. If you have questions in regards to legal matters, realize that I do not have any credentials in this area and in all cases you should consult your attorney or law official first.

Pharmacist - This is a disclaimer that I am not a pharmacist or a pharmacist technician. If you have any questions in regards to prescriptions and medications, realize that I do not have a degree in pharmacuticals and in all cases you should consult your doctor or pharmacist first.

What Are The Rules For Posting?

1. Please refrain from giving advice to a fellow member until after I've gotten the chance to reply to their posts. If you feel you can be helpful to another member I welcome the help, but please wait till I've had a chance to answer them first.

2. Be respectful of others, the moment you abuse this, your posting rights will be removed.

3. Be truthful, fake posts take up my time and energy.



6. All questions can be submitted anonymously, you do not have to give any contact information about yourself to protect privacy. Since you cannot start them anonymously, I will put up a post for anonymous questions where you can reply to it with your question anonymously. I'll do one for each month.

***Please note that if you are in any way contemplating suicide, harming yourself, or harming others there are places where you can get help. They should be contacted before posting on this community:

1-800-SUICIDE - Open 24 Hours/7 Days A Week

http://suicidehotlines.com/ - List of Crisis Centers Across the U.S.