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I Like To Scrap! [entries|friends|calendar]
A Scrapbooking Community!

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Hello! [19 Nov 2010|07:34pm]


1. What is your name? Kira R. Walker
2. What country do you live in? San Diego, California, USA
3. How long have you been scrapbooking for? 3 years
4. Do you suscribe to any scrapping magazines? If so, which ones? Nah
5. What is your favorite scrapbooking website? Haven’t looked
6. Where do you like to buy your supplies? Michaels
7. Anything else you think that we might need to know? I just started a group for those that like to swap RAKS of supplies ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RAK-Swaps/

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Hi! :3 [22 Aug 2010|01:04am]

Hi, I'm Alison and I'm from the Philippines. I've been interested in scrapbooking for a few years now, but I've never actually done it. My sister does digital scrabooking and I'm kinda envious of her. But since I don't have Photoshop yet, I wanna start with regular scrapbooking. I'm not subscribed to any scrapping magazines and I haven't seen a lot of websites yet.

The other day, I was able to buy a few things from some bookstores here, but I haven't done anything with it. I didn't buy actual scrapbooking paper because I figured I could just make my own. I made a chessboard paper before, so I wanted to make one again. Would making my own paper be more expensive than buying pre-made paper? It will be more personalized, but since I don't have a lot of money to allot for a hobby like this, I wanna keep my expenses to a minimum.
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De-stashing in progress = great bargains for you! [30 Jul 2010|08:30pm]

Ladyvermath's DeStash Store on ESTY! 

Thought some of  you might be interested in this. I'm De-stashing my house, which means loads of beads, jewellery findings, collage items, brass embossing templates & scrapbooking supplies cheap. 100% positive feedback! New items are added about once a week. Combined shipping available as well. So, if you are so inclined pop in for a look and see what treasures & trinkets are up for grabs!

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Tattoo Designs 2 Photoshop brushes set [06 Jul 2010|09:41pm]

PREMIUM Tattoo Designs 2 Photoshop brushes set (contains 20 big i 20 small brushes)
Free LITE version of Photoshop brushes Tattoo Designs 2 (5 small ones free download)

  • 20+20 Photoshop brushes
  • compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5
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Fruits Photoshop brushes set [18 Jun 2010|05:08pm]

Now it’s the fresh fruits time, vitamins and taste, what can I say, these will add some freshness and add a sweet taste to your designs, whatever it may be, graphic design, web design, scrapbooking or, imagine this, even birthday card design...

This set is dedicated to Silver, Gold and Platinum GBG Members, it is my way of saying: “Thank you for your support“.
Find out more about GBG Memberships here –>>

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Summer Vacation Corners, Digital Stamps FREE Download [25 May 2010|04:04pm]

Hello world!

Just posted another free Photoshop brushes set: Summer Vacation Corners. These are decorations for summer scrapbooks, can be used as photo decorations, but also good add-on for web and print design. I hope you will like it!

Have fun creating!

PS: If you buy 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET by the end of this month (31st of May 2010) Summer Vacation Corners in Vector format (.ai and .eps) is yours – for FREE! (Along with other bonuses – the greatest one being 50% discount on all Photoshop brushes from Graphics-Illustrations.Com shop).
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Fun with Canvas [24 May 2010|01:47pm]

Click the image to see my recent work...

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Important News from Graphics-Illustrations.Com [21 Apr 2010|01:54am]

All free downloads have now been removed to the new Green Bulb Gang site!

Just go ahead and reigister - it's easy and you'll get more than 100 Photoshop brushes sets (digital stamps), 14 vector packs and more than 60 other free downloads...

You can also pick your subscription package now

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800+ digital stamps and iPhone wallpaper(s) [19 Apr 2010|09:36pm]

800+ digital stamps (Photoshop brushes) - immediate download, commercial license included

Download this iPhone wallpaper at PhotoshopBrushesCD2.Blogspot.Com
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BlogCandy candy from ArtUgolоk [09 Mar 2010|03:10am]

Such a wonderful candy played in ArtUgolоk!
See how lovely

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Our First Valentines [25 Feb 2010|06:07pm]

Busy creating again!

Decided to keep a memory of our first valentines by making this two page layout last night:

Again, own design (but its not really that great, just placed objects on a page that went together) but l couldn't think of any way to make it pop as nice as the pro's do. We kept the cards from each other and l used them on the layout as well as a picture of the bear michael bought me.
I didn't buy any product to make this, used my own stash. The silver hearts are actually mirrors and l used permanant marker to write "4 ever" and "Love" on them, cute technique l remembered from last year.
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Adore [23 Feb 2010|06:30pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Just made a layout and wanted to share it with everyone:


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New [11 Feb 2010|09:10pm]

1. What is your name? Sarah
2. What country do you live in? Australia
3. How long have you been scrapbooking for? Just short of 2 years
4. Do you suscribe to any scrapping magazines? If so, which ones? No subscriptions for me :) I just go to my newsagency and pour over the magazines and end up buying all of them!
5. What is your favorite scrapbooking website? My local scrapbooking store, www.scraploot.com.au
6. Where do you like to buy your supplies? As above
7. Anything else you think that we might need to know? My mum got me started on scrapbooking. Being 22, there aren't many people my age that l know who scrapbook, so it can get a little lonely without someone who's closer to my age. Then again, l have met and made friends with some very lovely ladies!
8. Please post pictures of some of your layouts! Here is one layout, idea taken from a magazine.

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Digital Papers Pack - Rose Papers [22 Jan 2010|01:15am]


( Description )

More items in my livejournal

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Card making [16 Nov 2009|09:38pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Me and my daughter last weekend worked on Christmas cards

I am trying my hand at some old fashion style (Victorian methods) as well as combine with new techniques. I am all about recycling

To the pictures

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Setting an inked image? [01 Nov 2009|05:30pm]

I need some help from my fellow scrapbookers.

I had a baby girl seven months ago, and I've been working on her baby book. The nurses stamped her hand and footprints on a piece of scrapbook paper for me so I could cut them out and put them in my book.

Unfortunately, the ink didn't completely set: when I touch it, I can feel the ink coming off on my finger. I'm afraid if I put it in her book, it will smudge. The baby book does not have page protectors, so I need some way to set the image. Is there a spray that could be safely used? I don't really want to laminate it or anything like that.
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Very new here and new to this... [28 Oct 2009|12:53am]

[ mood | curious ]

1. What is your name? jamie

2. What country do you live in? houston, tx, United States

3. How long have you been scrapbooking for?
starting to try my first one

4. Do you suscribe to any scrapping magazines? If so, which ones?

5. What is your favorite scrapbooking website?

6. Where do you like to buy your supplies?
Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, Target & Wal-Mart

7. Anything else you think that we might need to know?
I am very new to this...and need some guidence and opinions

8. Please post pictures of some of your layouts! N/A

Hello all.

I am new to all this. I have been wanting to do a type of scrap book for someone i truly have lots of feelings for. I have been looking up for lots of quotes of love,friendship and others. I also have ideas of pictures, poems, little things i have collected we have done together,lyrics, stickers and maybe a few other things. I am having a small delema on how i go to start it and also organize everything. Where do i put what? How do i arrange it all? How do i make it look good and eye popping...and so on and so forth. Can you please email me at
bluemonkey521979@yahoo.com . I have about 4 wks to get it all done and i dont wanna be rushing to get it done. Thank you for your help if you can help me!

Thanks. your friend from Texas!

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Tags... [25 Oct 2009|01:27pm]

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Stamps for Scrapbooking! [24 Oct 2009|09:05pm]


korean stationery for your scrapbooking needs!

more scrapbooking materials! Collapse )

Buy a box of Drawing Stamp Set 30 with one ink pad of your choice at only $27.90! Whilst stocks last!
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http://scribblequibble.livejournal.com/ [12 Oct 2009|05:06pm]

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