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Here where I live (Porterville, California).... There's a Michelle Lane!!!!!!!!!!!
I would have taken a picture but I didn't have little Digital Dan with me.

heheh. I just thought I would let you all know that!
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Okay, come on guys...we need some livliness in here!

None of us bite unless provoked, I promise!

So, I was in Brazil.

Michelle in Portuguese is pronouced Michellie. How awesome is that?
I've already been called Michellie but yeah.
Pretty neato if you ask me.

Oh, Hellogoodbye is freaking amazing.
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Whoah Tigers!

One of my friends pointed me to this community, and I'm definitely a Michelle too!!

My old username was mushayul and some of my nicknames are in the interests here (Moose, Mooshell) I had no idea other michelles existed in the world with these nicknames.

Michelles rock, the Beatles said so!

Much love,
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edna c.


Hi all.  Guess what my name is?  You get 3 guesses and the 1st 2 don't count.  If you guessed Michelle...you'd be right.

I know that people say this all the time about their name...but I love mine. I doodle it all over every free space of paper I can find.

I'm a Cancer and enjoy hanging out with the chums and clubbing.  I wear only red & black clothes (not because I'm goth or anything like that...it's just my thing).  I write a coulmn for www.chicagopride.com and just enjoy and live life to the fullest.

I've lived in Chicago all my life but have travelled quite a bit.  I enjoy meeting new people.

And yes...despite the fact that 21% of the female population of the U.S. are named Michelle...I still turn every time i hear someone call it out.

Well...that's somewhat me in a nut shell.

And now...a peeek-churrrr...

Take care...michelle

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i am michelle. i found thingy cuz i clicked on moose on an interest thing in a profile and this community was the first one listed with moose as an interest. and i thought that was funny. and it is 2 13 in the morning and i am tired. um. yes.

oh shit i just looked at the date. not cool.
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