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You Know You Want To Slash Them...

Too Pretty To Resist...

Feel The Billy/Daniel Love <3 <3 <3
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Feel The Billy/Daniel Love... :)

_idolise is a community [the only community] dedicated to the slash pairing of Billy Martin (Good Charlotte) with Daniel Johns (Silverchair). Arguably the best pairing ever :)

Community created and maintained by em_april.
The Billy/Daniel slash site Drown In Your Headspin created by dizzyskitzo
Community Icons created by i_rape_sporks and spiritform

The name of the community, Idolise, just comes from the fact that the Daniel/Billy ship can be seen very much as Billy the Silverchair fan worshipping Daniel the blonde guitar God. By no means do Billy/Daniel fics all follow this rule, but it's a nice starting point if you're stuck for inspiration. It's plausible too, and God knows there's enough evidence of slash out there whether we purposely go looking for it or not ;)


Stay on topic! I would've assumed this was obvious, since it's community dedicated to Daniel/Billy love, but you know, some people need that kick up the ass to take the hint... That means no Billy/Benji fics for example.

2. Post fics behind a lj cut. If you dont know how to do that, then go here and read up on it :) If you still don't get it after that, ask someone! People would rather you bugged them about it then see a long journal entry without a cut!

3. Try not to advertise things here, the community has a purpose and that's not it. If you absolutely have to, then do what I do - add a note on to the end of your fic chapters ;)
And whilst remembering that, remember the GOLDEN RULE: Self-pimpage is your friend when it comes to Billy/Daniel fics! :)

4. No flaming people. Constructive criticism is fine, but no flaming or I'll hunt you down and kick your ass. If plagiarism is being debated then talk to me and I'll do my best to handle it.

5. Try to check your work, or have it checked before posting. Since this is Billy/Daniel we're talking about here, I myself would be more than happy to beta for you if you need it :) Just mail me and ask!

I think that's all, so go ahead, join, post and enjoy the Billy/Daniel goodness :)
(Billy/Daniel seems to be the reason I create all my communities!)