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_identitycrises's Journal

Transformation and identity in fiction
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This community is for recommending/reviewing/talking about all things fictional dealing with themes of uncertain identity and transformation (in the most literal sense of the word ;) ). Basically, that means its a place to talk about stories (any kind of story -- video game, novel, TV show, movie, etc.) that have major characters who are not what they at first believe (or wish to believe) themselves to be, who have the ability to change themselves into something other than their "natural" form, who are/have been transformed into something other that what they were, or who find themselves "caught between two worlds" and have issues with the fact -- i.e., werewolves; shapeshifters; vampires; changelings; amnesiacs; mutants; clones; half-aliens; superheroes; half-fantasy-creatures (half-elves, half-dwarves, half-faeries, half-demons, etc.); mermaids; winged humans; scientific experiments/subjects (bio-engineered beings, Frankenstein-type revenants); androids; cyborgs; people who've been body-swapped, gender-swapped, or shapechanged -- the list goes on. Non-fantastical versions are welcome, too -- girls who've been raised as boys, boys who've been raised as girls, people raised by a group not their one of origin, (this can be fantastical, too -- child raised by alien race, for instance), feral children, etc.

So, basically, any kind of story, where, due to extraordinary circumstances usually beyond the characters' control, the character(s) are forced to ask "What am I?"

Anyway, main rule here is -- decent grammar, people! Use capital letters, punctuation, words fully spelled out -- I won't be too evil about this, but if it's obvious you aren't even trying, I'll probably take action of some sort. Yep.