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Identity is a secret. Identity is a mystery. The secret lies within.


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Welcome to _identity_,
A imaginative new twist on movie trivia!

There are two types of people who love playing trivia games.

The Stumper
Someone who likes to challenge others with difficult or baffling questions.

The Guesser
Someone who thinks they know the topic and loves to see if they can guess the answers from the clues.

The concept is to find out who is the best stumper and guesser by process of elimination.
The game is played Monday through Friday.
Every Friday there will be a poll posted and the genre/theme for the week will be announced with details.

+Friday/Saturday there will be a post (comments are screened from the public) for STUMPERS to list their movie/character choices for the game. It must be within the guidelines of the theme for the week. You will be notified if it doesn't and be asked to choose another. All movie/character choices have to be submitted by Monday 12pm Eastern Standard Time.
+ If you only wish to attempt to be a GUESSER then just start asking questions when you see the first clue go up.
+Stumpers should also be guessers too! So feel free to guess at other stumpers clues.
+ Monday through Friday, each stumper is to give a clue (each person making their own post) every day about the approved movie or character he/she selected. It can be anything from a movie picture to something the character says. (Please see #2 in the community rules about all images posted. )
+ Day two posts must have a link to the day one posts. And then day three should have day two, etc. Example post here.
+ Each person playing in that round can respond to your clue post by asking you up to 4 yes or no questions daily about your character or movie. You then must answer every question asked. Failure to not answer/skip questions on a regular basis will get you banned.
+Answering any questions wrong can result in points be taken away or cut in half for that day. You must look over all your questions before posting your next clue to be sure all your answers are accurate. If not you must edit your clue to reflect the fact that you made an error in the thread. Ask the mod if you are doubtful of one of your answers.
+ Once the answer has been guessed, YOU the stumper should EDIT your post and do a < strike > thru the clue and write ELIMINATED, with the name of your movie and who guessed it right. </i>. Example: here.
+ Once someone properly guesses the Stumper's movie, the Stumper is done posting clues for the week unless moderator has cleared you to start again with a different movie...see below for more info. (Note: The Stumper is still able to guess at other Stumper's clues)
+ If for some reason you can not fulfill your commitment on being a stumper during the week please contact the mod asap. Failure to not keep your commitment by playing the entire week or at least informing a mod can get you banned.

+ Each day you can respond to each stumpers post by asking 4 yes or no questions a day. Please number your questions in the subject as you reply so everyone knows how many questions you have asked.
+If you think you know the movie/character go ahead and GUESS by commenting to that days clue.. you can have 2 guesses per day. If applicable, points are divided up between movie and character, so if you know the movie but not the character, guess on the movie anyway. You must ask at least one question in that days post before you can make a guess.

The moderator may authorize you to come in and stump again with a different movie if there is enough time left in the week to play; please let her know if you wish to do this. There also will be be a BONUS WEEKEND STUMPER game posted Friday evening or Saturday. It will work a little different than the weekday: a series of pictures, wav. files,quotes and more or a combination of all will be posted. And you then submit your guesses by Sunday at midnight. Details are included on each Weekend Stumper Posts as to any specific guidelines for the round that may be needed for that specific week. Pts totals may vary each week, but it is a extra chance of getting some pts for the week. yossefk runs the Weekend Stumper Round.

+In order to add to the fun, we also keep track of who the best stumper and best guesser are. Points are awarded for how long a stumper can stump, and how quickly guessers can guess.
+A specific number of points are allotted to the stumper and the guesser that first properly guesses the stumpers movie/character. You have 24 hours after a clue is posted (or until the next clue is posted) on a given day in order to guess properly and claim the points for that posted day.

Point Allotment
Day GuessedStumper PointsGuesser Points

*note about points: if you only guess half the answer (i.e. you guess a movie but someone else
guesses character) the points for that day are divided in half. also: If you come in and stump with
another movie later in the week, the points start from THAT day (i.e. if you start on Thursday,
points will be Thursday points, rather than Monday day 1 points)

The point table can be found here to see where you stand weekly. The table's tallys are monthly only.

*For every two weeks straight you participate you get 5 pts added automatically to your total.

The Goal is to get the most points!
The Stumper and Guesser of the month gets to take a trip to the goodie bag. As well as the overall person with the highest points for the month.

1. Please be respectful and show courtesy when posting/commenting within the community. That means be nice, don't spam, flame, troll, harrass, or otherwise be a bother to anyone.
2. All pictures must be behind a lj-cut tag. If you don't know how to do this go here it tells you how. Or simply ask someone. When it comes to this there is no "I don't know how", failure to do this will get you banned.
3. You are required to participate a minimum of once a month. If you do not participate, then you will no longer be allowed to play and be removed from the community.
4. Some people think researching clues is cheating, but it would make it more fun if you didn't. There is really no way of stopping this so you are free to use any resources you like, but there will be NO drama on this subject within the community.
If you are a member of the community and you have your own related community you'd like to promote, email or leave a comment for tinkerkels with the link to your community and a brief explanation of what it's about. Your community will be placed in the Hot Link Bin (see further down) and once a month, the moderator will post an entry on the mainpage plugging related communties belonging to members of this community.
Individual posts on the main page containing plugs for LJ communities (related or unrelated) will be deleted.
6. Most importantly have fun, this is just a game! And community members love to play and are always willing to answer questions or clarify things if you get confused.

Rules of the community are subject to change at anytime by tinkerkels. However, We will always make a post informing you of these changes. Joining the community means you have agreed to abide by the rules laid down in the community. Failure to comply with these rules can mean removal from the community.

The moderator

+ Hot Link Bin


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