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I think the past week and this week is a sign to close up shop.

It was fun while it was new and people enjoyed it. But declining partipation in the recent week shows it's not there. I will hoever extend a invite for anyone who is not already a member at ljmovies to join there because this will become a trivia game over there from time to time. And if you love movies it's the best community on lj for being a movie fan.

Thanks everyone who helped me along the way and who played. You guys are awesome and some of you are really good at this.

If anyone wants the community I will turn over ownership of it. Just let me know in a comment and it is yours. I will not delete it so it is here if you guys want to keep playing or whatever....
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Movie #1 - Clue #3

Previous clue and question/answer series.

The president is only the president for part of the movie.

The movie was The Dead Zone, with Martin Sheen as the president. It was guessed by my arch-nemesis msmcfeeley.

Now, Martin Sheen's character never actually became president. Rather, he was seen as president in a psychic flash. But then before he could actually get elected, he ended up killing himself as a result of the attempt on his life. At least, that's what happened according to another psychic flash.