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Survivor Icon Contest

where only the talented move on

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<center><font size="4"><b>THE CHALLENGE</b></font>

Are you the ultimate icon maker? Are there no other icons on LiveJournal quite like yours? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you should be in the next Survivor Icon Challenge! The concept is simple. Similar to the television show, each week you will be given a challenge (in this case, for icons) and the group that the judges pick as the winners are home free. The losing group, however, must vote off a member of their own team. Further down the road, (once the contestant pool has been whiddled down to eight players) the game becomes an individual competition.


<font size="4"><b>THE PRIZE</b></font>

The winner of the Survivor Icon Challenge is most likely going to receive paid account time (2 months... maybe more). If you are already a paid account user wanting to participate then give the judges some ideas on what they could give you!


<font size="4"><b>THE APPLICATION</b></font>

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<td><br><lj user=_icontest> is <B>NOT</B> accepting applications. <lj user="_icontest"> is now <u>closed</u> until further notice! <br><br></td>
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<left>You need to include the following information in a post to <lj user=_icontest> while an application period is open.

<I>Name: __________________________
Age: ____
Location: __________________________
Are you willing to participate weekly?
Are you willing to keep in contact with other members of your team?
Do cuss words, crude graphics/remarks bother you?</I>

To make sure we are not just letting any random person into this icon contest, you need to prove that you can actually make icons. To prove your icon competency, you have to make two sample icons: the first icon must be made with <a href="http://us.ent4.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/touchstone_pictures/big_trouble/johnny_knoxville/trouble5.jpg">this picture</a> (of Johnny Knoxville) and the second icon must be something that you have randomly made (any style and subject are welcome for the second submission).

Please note that by filling out this application, you need to have read and agreed to the rules and you must be willing to put time and effort into this icon contest.</left></td>
<td width="25">&nbsp;</td>
<td valign="top" width="300"><left><b>RULES AND REGULATIONS</b>

There are some very specific rules you must follow in this community. Please read these carefully before you submit your application to be a part of the game.<ul type="circle"><li>Each contest lasts approximately <b>2-3 months</b>. So if you are not willing to put in the time, then do not bother submitting an application.</li>
<li>If accepted as a contestant, you must be willing to:<ul><li>communicate with other members of your team</li><li>participate in each weekly event</li><li>join your team's community, either <lj user=_icontest_team1> or <lj user=_icontest_team2></li></ul></li><li>Once all 16 members have been chosen by the judges, <lj user=_icontest> will become closed to certain types of posts. You can still be/become a member of the community, but posting will be restricted to allow only the contestants and the judges. However, everyone will be able to comment.</li>
<li>Every Monday the judges will announce the start of a new contest. All submissions must be posted in the form of a comment to that entry before the following Thursday at 11:59:59 PM EST.</li>
<li>Once a contestant is voted off, he/she will no longer be able to post in the community but are more than welcome to stay and watch.</li>
<li>Once a decision is made by the judges and/or group on who they are voting out it is final. No exceptions.</li>
<li>As far as icons go, anything (as for content, graphics) goes as long as you abide by LiveJournal's rules, standards, and regulations.</li>
<li>Each of the two teams will be made up of eight people that have been chosen by the judges. Once we are down to the final eight people the game will become an individual competition.</li>
<li>If someone on your team has to forfeit a contest because they are not able to make the icon, do not have the resources to make the icon, did not get a chance to make the icon, etc. It will not count against the team as a whole but only to the individual who did not complete the contest.</li>
<li>Do not go to the judges' personal journals and beg them to pick you. If this occurs, you will recieve an automatic disqualification.</li>
<li>When you fill out the application please put 'I love rock'n'roll' into the subject line so that the judges know you've read the rules. Failure to put this in your subject line will count as an automatic no from all of the judges.</li></ul><left>


Meet our judges:
<lj user=brokina> - Ashley
<lj user=slayertv> - John
<lj user=carabear27> - Cara
<lj user=xlafemmefatale> - Sara
<lj user=chicnoodle> - Katy

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