Challenge Four


Movies are always a good way to go when you are trying to bring together teammates. The contest for this week is fairly simple, just some basic rules and guidelines that have to be followed.

  • All icons must be from a movie of your choice
  • All icons must have a quote from that movie (or, if you want to use a song lyric from a song on the movie's soundtrack, that's ok too)
  • All icons must be still (not animated)
  • All icons must be in black and white

As always, all icons must be submitted in the form of a comment to this post by Thursday 11:59:59PM EST time. Good luck to everyone! This contest is getting better and better each week.


Although both teams did very well this round and I loved the originality of the icons, it seems that Pixel Chix has won, once again. It was a very close call this round (3 over 2). Slackers, I'll be posting a poll in your journals shortly. Don't let this discourage you! The ultimate icon maker could be in your team!

This weeks contest is going to be a bit more fun and laid back for y'all... And in two more weeks we'll have a surprise for the remaining contestants! Bet you can't wait for that!!

Entries for Contest 3

brokina wanted me to post this tonight and since everyone has turned their icon in, here's the complete list of entries for _icontest's Scavenger Hunt. I'm sure Ashley will make a post as soon as she gets back from her vay-cay.

Good luck to everyone!

Pixel Chix

Word: music

Word: bugs

Word: cows

Word: soccer

Word: weird

Word: summer

Word: beer

(all of these icons contain lyrics from "Platinum" by Orgy)

Word: weird

Word: music

Word: military

Word: summer

Word: bugs

Word: cows
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Challenge Three


This next challenge is going to be a bit more difficult than the last two. slayertv and I are calling this week's challenge the Scavenger Hunt. I suppose this challenge isn't as difficult as I'm making it out to sound... Here are the rules.

  • From the 10 words listed below each teammember must pick a different word each, go to and pick a picture from the first page that pops up.
  • You must make an icon using one of the pictures that popped up from the first page in your google search.
  • All icons must also incorporate a song of your choice into it. (Let us know which song and artist you used as well! :))

I'm pretty sure those are some crazy ass confusing rules so let me break it down so there isn't too much confusion. Here are the 10 words:

soccer, cows, beer, beanie babies, summer, military, president, music, bugs, weird

Each teammember must pick a different word to search for a picture! Let's say I pick 'beanie babies'... I'll then head on over to google, go to the 'images' search and type in beanie babies. You'll be allowed to use anything from the FIRST PAGE ONLY. We've checked all these and know whats on each search so please don't try anything! As far as content goes - Be creative! Be funny! We want to see things you normally wouldn't make an icon for!

As always, all icons must be submitted in the form of a comment to this post by Thursday 11:59:59PM EST time! :) Good luck everyone... This should prove to be very interesting!


We really don't have to wait until Saturday to post this. The judges all voted last night and we've chosen a winner. Pixel Chix has won challenge two!

Everyone did a nice job this round... It seemed to bring the two teams closer with what they like and don't like. Get ready for the next challenge! It's going to be a bit more difficult and crazy!

Challenge 2 Information

By brokina:

First off, it's 'see ya later' to bwlrbry, who was voted off this week from Slackers. Secondly, I want to personally apologize for all of the confusion from the first challenge. My bad. This time I will make it very clear as to what needs to happen. This contest isn't about rules it's about icons. Lastly, my computer is broken and I won't have access to any computer (except for when I come to my mom's like I am doing right now!) so everything will have to be dealt with by slayertv and all the other judges until I get back. This totally sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it.


I thought this next challenge to be appropriate since there are many fandoms and hardcore supports of those fandoms in this very contest. This week's contest is simple... Make an icon supporting your fandom. However, since this is just too easy, I've made some guidelines that must be followed. Be creative! Be witty! Good luck!

  • All icons must have "my fandom...." somewhere in the icon (example: for BtVS you could say, "my fandom has lesbian witches!" or something to that matter... you get the idea)
  • All icons must be animated
  • All icons must be submitted in a comment to this post.

That's all! Good luck to everyone!
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Mod Post

prevgirl made a good point over on the fans community (_icontest_fans) ... and us mods have decided that we're going to give this a try. So yep, everyone out there who wants to get the goods on what's happening behind the scenes go ahead and sign up for the team communities: _icontest_team1, _icontest_team2

We know that there are some devious methods that contestants from one team can use to join the other team, but we just hope you refrain from such practices because if brokina or I hear or find that anything of that sort has happened, guess who's out of the game ... YOU! We're doing this as a favor for everyone who's being a spectator this round because we want everyone to enjoy the game. So, those of you who aren't contestants, go ahead and sign up for the two team communties. You won't be allowed to post, but you will be allowed to view the entries. Please do not do anything to interfere with the proceedings. Thanks!

To clarify some things

There are two and half hours left (EST time) for the teams to submit their remaining icons. In the cut below are all of the icons so far. For those of you who have not submitted your icons yet please do so in the first Challenge One post. Thank you!

That was from a couple posts back letting you all know how much time was left and some other news...

To submit your icons in this challenge just comment to this post with what team you are a part of (team 1 or 2 for now) and your icon. Simple as that. You have until Friday, May 7th at 11:59:59PM EST time to submit your icons. Good luck!

And that was apart of the original challenege post and you'd think people would know that the icons were being submitted in the ORIGINAL challenge post because not only was everyone else doing so, it is also in the rules, which by the way, you all have read.

I don't mean to be mean or brutal and I don't want to piss anyone off. However, I feel as though that is going to happen anyways. It's a game and by rules, Pixel Chix completed everything they had to do. They even made up for the slack of Marie by submitted another icon (I believe I talked to _getoverit about all that confusion). If at all, at any time, you are confused or don't know what you are supposed to do then e-mail me or you could personally message me at tiddlebit04. I'm sorry I didn't see the comment that you made earlier lenabee. That, obviously, was my bad if it was posted in the main community. If it was posted in your team's community I try not to comment to those... That's why I created team communities - For the teams to help each other out and communicate.

Once again, I'm sorry about all the confusion. Hopefully, things will become more clear after this post. I'm going to re-post the rules in an LJ-Cut below so that from now on there will be no confusion. Please re-read the rules and if you still have any questions then let me know!!

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Unfortunately, the judges do not need to vote on this weeks challenge. I'm a little bit disappointed at the turnout of this week. I'm upset that marieamethyst took the time to submit an application but didn't follow through for team one and left them to make up for the slack and I'm also upset that team two didn't submit their final icon in before midnight when I know that they had them finished and I have yet to find out what their team name is and I made a post in both team communities. It may be cruel, but you all know the rules and I'm not going to back down because I feel sorry for anyone because once it happens it'll continue to happen. le sigh.

This weeks winner is Pixel Chix! Congratulations, you are saved from voting someone off your team (however, if marieamethyst doesn't show up by Sunday she's GONE). Team Two, I will be posting a poll in your community journal shortly for you to vote off someone from your community. Please keep in mind why you lost this challenge. Your icons were amazing (as were yours, Pixel Chix) but a few members from your team didn't send in their icons and that's why you lost.

On Monday, May 10th, I will announce who was voted off as well as the new challenge. Awesome week you guys! Take a few days to relax, mingle, and make alliances! :)