June 9th, 2004

Must Read

I'm going to try out these confessionals. We all know what they are. We've seen them on Survivor, Real World, Road Rules, etc. It's a chance for you to vent about the game, a teammate, or talk about alliances, strategies, etc. Since this is our first time ever doing this we are going to ask that you do at least one confessional per challenge. You must email me (Asteps04@aol.com please put Icontest in the subject and include your livejournal name) these confessionals before the challenge is over. These confessionals will only be shared with the judges. All confessionals will be shared to the public after the game is over. Don't be afraid to be honest in these confessionals. What happens in this game stays in this game. There are people in this game that you may love talking to outside of it and love reading their journals but you can't stand in this game - And that's OK. So, with that said - Don't hold back in your confessionals.

Also - When the teams merge (which may or may not happen soon) both team journals will be shut down and all posting privileges will be taken away. You can remain in the communities if you would like to watch the next 'season' of Survivor Icon Challenge (there will be a next season!) but there won't be any posts made so it will pretty much be dead until the next season. All posts after the merge will be made in this community. Keep in mind, though, that when you are posting in this community it will be to only ask questions or concerns...

Don't forget that also for now on you will know all the votes cast but not who voted for you, just like in the actual show. So let's see those confessionals! One more day before confessionals and the icons are due.

When the merge happens, I'll explain in more detail new rules. There aren't many I'm just trying things out since this is everyone's first time. Let me know what you like or don't like in this game so I can make it better next time!