June 6th, 2004

Challenge Six


There are 10 members left in this contest. Originally, I was going to merge the two teams together to form one large team and then the challenges would be individual from here on out. But, I got to thinking and figured - That's really not sure a great idea at the moment. I have a better idea. There's going to be one more challenge before we make this an individual contest.

  • Each team must submit one icon.
  • Each team member must have put something into that icon. (a brush, a lyric, a picture, etc...)

That's all the rules there are this week. We are giving you open range to pick any themes, quotes, lyrics, pictures, etc... The only catch is that you have to work as a team and make one icon as a whole.

Oh, yeah... Before I forget. Instead of only Pixel Chix and Slackers playing this round... Meet the Outcast team.


These guys have been brought back from the dead and are here to compete in the hopes of one more chance of making it. Here's the deal, you guys. If the Outcast team places in 3rd place then nothing happens and they go away and that's that. If the Outcast team places in 2nd then the losing team will vote out one member of their team and the Outcast team will vote IN one member of their team. If the Outcast team places 1st then both losing teams will vote out one member of their team and the Outcast team will vote back in two members from their team. It's sneaky, it's mean, it's vindictive. It's awesome. Good luck to all THREE teams this week. This challenge should be harder than you think since EVERYONE must work together.

P.S. This was posted an hour and a half early because I felt bad for last week because that would have probably happened again (me being late and all) and because I'm just excited about this challenge.