May 31st, 2004

Challenge Five


This next challenge is a bit different. As far as I've seen - there are no icons of this nature on livejournal... That's why this is so much fun! I'm calling this challenge the Pepsi vs. Coke challenge. Pixel Chix you get the beverage Pepsi and Slackers you get the beverage Coke. Here are finalized rules:

  • Your team soda must be incorporated in each icon.
  • Each icon must be a re-defined icon (i.e., it can't be the normal 100x100)

As far as the images/quotes/etc... you use, I don't really care. As long as it has your team beverage and isn't 100x100 then you're fine. Have fun with this challenge! With all that said...

Which soda is better? Pepsi or Coke? I guess we'll find out by Thursday!
Good luck to everyone.