May 17th, 2004

Challenge Three


This next challenge is going to be a bit more difficult than the last two. slayertv and I are calling this week's challenge the Scavenger Hunt. I suppose this challenge isn't as difficult as I'm making it out to sound... Here are the rules.

  • From the 10 words listed below each teammember must pick a different word each, go to and pick a picture from the first page that pops up.
  • You must make an icon using one of the pictures that popped up from the first page in your google search.
  • All icons must also incorporate a song of your choice into it. (Let us know which song and artist you used as well! :))

I'm pretty sure those are some crazy ass confusing rules so let me break it down so there isn't too much confusion. Here are the 10 words:

soccer, cows, beer, beanie babies, summer, military, president, music, bugs, weird

Each teammember must pick a different word to search for a picture! Let's say I pick 'beanie babies'... I'll then head on over to google, go to the 'images' search and type in beanie babies. You'll be allowed to use anything from the FIRST PAGE ONLY. We've checked all these and know whats on each search so please don't try anything! As far as content goes - Be creative! Be funny! We want to see things you normally wouldn't make an icon for!

As always, all icons must be submitted in the form of a comment to this post by Thursday 11:59:59PM EST time! :) Good luck everyone... This should prove to be very interesting!