May 6th, 2004

Last Minute Post

So there were a couple of things I just realized. (I'm glad this is a practice round that counts and that I noticed this now!!) Each challenge is announced on Monday and runs from Monday to the following Friday. So in the two day weekends that we have the judges have to pick a winner, announce the winner, and the losing team has to vote off a member. Is this possible in two days? Should the contests run from Monday-Thursday and then on Friday we'll announce the winners and on Saturday-Sunday you guys can take your time (with busy schedules and all) and vote off a member? Feedback is awesome!

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When should each challenge run?

Monday thru Friday
Monday thru Thursday

What would you rather do?

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What can I do to make this contest run more smoothly?

What do you think of having individual awards like 'best overall' or 'most creative' during each group challenge? (this would not affect the judges decision on the winning or losing team it's just something to do when we see great icons)

What would you like to see come from this community?

Promote. The fan community should grow! :)