May 5th, 2004

Mid-Week Update

There are some things that I think may become a problem further down the road in the survivor icon contest. As I mentioned before, this first one is a practice round that counts as for me knowing what will and will not work. I think that posting your submissions in the comments will not work because the other teams could get ideas from what you've already submitted. So if it's at all possible, how would people feel about e-mailing their icons to the community e-mail. Do you think that would be a better idea? Feedback is awesome.

Also, both teams are missing one member each. marieamethyst had not joined team one's community and freeswimmer11 has not joined team two's community. I'd hate to start off this contest by eliminating two people the first round out of technicality. That would make all the hard work you guys put into this weeks icons for nothing. Both team members have to be in their communities by Sunday! If they're not then they are out. It's clearly stated in the rules that you have to join you teams communities and I've been watching both teams and I can clearly see it was a good idea because everyone is communicating with everyone. Remember... This is a game and eventually you will be voting people off of your online icon "tribe." Make friends quick so that you can move on! :) Drama. Drama. Drama. We love it!

Also remember, these first challenges are GROUP contests. That means there has to be an icon for each member on each tribe. If their isn't then you better hope you have some pretty awesome icons to make up for that slack. You may NOT, NOT, NOT make icons for other team members. If that happens and they move on... You just gave them a free ride and they could be voting you off in the next round. Each contest (until we enter individual challenges) is judged as a whole....

Hope this all makes sense.