April 27th, 2004

'I love rock'n'roll'

Name: Anna
Age: 20
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Are you willing to participate weekly? Yes.
Are you willing to keep in contact with other members of your team? Ofcourse!
Do cuss words, crude graphics/remarks bother you? No.

Johnny Knoxville

Me ("her heart beats too fast")



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Mod Post.

There's a week left of applications and promoting so do your part and get people to join the community. If anything... Get people to watch the contest unfold. In most everyone's application I let y'all know that we would let you know if you were chosen by Saturday. Eh, I lied. This upcoming Monday is going to be a fairly big day for us in this community and next week will be the hardest of them all because it's the first time any of us have set up a community like this and we are learning with you.

Here's what this upcoming Monday is going to look like:

I'm going to make a post letting everyone know the two teams of eight icon makers that have made it to this round. Everyone who doesn't make it is more than welcome to stay and watch and let your voice be heard! Along with letting everyone know the two teams I'm also going to post our first contest (which is fairly simple... hint, hint) and the little 'assignments' you are going to have (coming up with a team name and joining the respective team community). Joining the team community is a must. It's the ONLY way we could think of to keep everyone in contact with each other. Don't forget to make all posts friends only... Again, the only people besides the contestants that will see what you say in your teams journal are the judges. No one else. Another thing... Everyone's posting privileges in this community will be taken away so that it is much easier for people to locate the challenges and such. You'll find out how to submit your icons on Monday.

Once again, good luck to everyone and promote! I can already tell it's going to be a tough decision for us to make on the final 16.