Ashley (brokina) wrote in _icontest,

The results are in

Don't worry - We are still taking the rest of the week off and we'll get back to the game on Monday but I thought I'd make your weekends a bit more interesting. I've finally got all the votes in for the outcast challenge.


Unfortunately to the outcasts they will not have a chance to make it back in the game. All three icons were amazing and really should great teamwork from all the tribes. Good job guys.

With all that said here's the big news:

The MERGE is finally here. Tonight I'm going to close down all the team communities. All posts may now be made in this community. Confessionals are still due each week (you are only required to do one, though). Also - the challenges are going to be changing a little bit as well.. There could be timed challenges, reward challenges, etc.

Monday's challenge will be the first immunity challenge as well as a timed event. I'm giving you guys 4 days in advanced to know about this so if you aren't here to participate then that just means no immunity for you. So if you NEED immunity, you better be ready on Monday.

Now that there is a new team we need a new name! It's up to you guys to create your new team name and colors. Get creative and make an icon if ya want as well. This is an icon community, after all.

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