Ashley (brokina) wrote in _icontest,

Real Life

Seems like the real world just happened again these past few days. I am extremely sorry things have been left unattended this past week. Unfortuneately work and numerous hospital visits (my dad is very sick) have gotten the best of me and with my computer problems (I may have to buy a new hard drive) it's just been one crazy week. Don't worry though... We'll just take this week off.

I know taking a week off is very unsurvivor like but I NEED this to collect things and get situated back in the game. I feel bad for leavin' y'all like this - Don't want to become bad host girl, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

This upcoming Monday will be a very eventful day to make up for the lack of survivorness this week. The results of this past challenge will be posted along with a surprising new twist.

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