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Better Late then Never, Right?

Well, the lovely brokina ain't here at the moment. I've heard she's having computer troubles ... or something along those lines so I'm gonna go ahead and post this week's submissions. Results, as always, should be forthcoming pretty soon. Good job all!


neverseenfire did the Britney and Carrie slide.
kirstee did the "Geek" guy from CSI slide.
faithlesssinner did the Chunk slide and animated.
bwlrbry did the Bill Gates slide.
and freeswimmer11 chose not to participate in the Outcast Challenge


We decided to go with a "family" theme to represent the fact that our team is almost like a family...

0nlymemories came up with the idea of the theme and also provided one of the cropped bases
jedispyder found/provided most of the screencaps that were used in the icon
emoterelish cropped the screencaps into the appropriate size and did some other editing to prepapre them for iconning
lenabee applied brushes, color effects, & text and animated the frames into one icon.

the entrie team chose from 3 variations to decide which one would be the final entry.

Pixel Chix

riversofsound - Picking out the image, including cropping and resizing.
lauranobaka - Coloring.
purple_foam - Textures.
cassie2003 - Found lyrics/quotes to fit image.
bentfire - Text.
_getoverit - Border/misc last brush effects.
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