Ashley (brokina) wrote in _icontest,

For the icon in question...

bentfire: I explained in the post in the fan community -- I used a black color layer on top of the one that turned it 'sepia', or whatever you guys are calling it. Thus, making it black and white. I did lower the opacity on the color layer, but only to 85%, so it retained the black and white qualities.

So I really don't know what that means. There's a lot of numbers and layers and such but I'm assuming that's a B&W icon by the way she's describing how she made it. Either way, the winner is still Slackers. But I'm glad that's all cleared out now.

For Pixel Chix peace of mind: Slackers didn't win because there was one icon in question. Slackers won because the majority of the judges felt that this week was finally their week to shine. Though we are all a bit tired of the themes, this week seemed to fit and the icons used great screen caps and quotes. Well, not that Pixel Chix didn't use great screen caps and quotes... Hell, this is a lose/lose situation.

It's all cleared up now. For now on if their is an "icon in question" I'm sure one of the judges will pick up on it. If nothing is said and you still feel as though something isn't right well then let us know. But there's a reason why this community has 5 judges...
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