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Before I let y'all know who the winner was I'd like to say something about all the fuss over bentfire's icon. I don't make icons... Those who don't make icons make crazy contest communities like this one. So, because I don't make icons, I don't know all the little tricks you could use to create 100x100 works of art. So with that being said, I don't really know if bentfire used a B&W icon. Personally, it does look sepia or whatever. When I went to vote this week for the winner I used everyone's icon but bentfire because to me, it wasn't B&W. Although it's a beautiful icon and it very well could be an extreme version of B&W that I'm not aware of. Hers did not count in my vote this week.

The winner of this week is, for the first time, Slackers. To be honest, all the judges are getting a bit tired of the useless theme idea (it worked well for the Fandom week because it fit) but nonetheless, Slackers overall did pretty well for themselves. Once again, it was a close call and everyone had amazing icons (bentfire's included)... So, congratulations to Slackers for their first win.
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